Fussy Eater: Healthy Alternatives For Your Child

If your child refuses to touch certain foods or vegetables that he or she is being given, don’t worry! We’ll provide you with other options they may likely prefer. That way, they can still get their essential minerals and vitamins. All you need to do is try out these alternatives provided in the table below.

Vitamins or Minerals

Her body needs it for

If your child doesn’t like


Vitamin A cell development,boosting immunity, healthy skin and good eyesight.  apricots, dark green vegetables. carrots, liver, baked sweet potatoes, mango
Vitamin C boosting of  immunity, tissues growth, healthy bones and helping to heal wounds berries, oranges. potatoes, strawberries, apples
Vitamins D the absorption of zinc, calcium, phosphorous, iron, magnesium, vitamin A and other minerals; healthy bones and teeth; kidney function. salmon, mackerel. tuna, sardines, ready to eat cereals, non- fat milk, cheese, eggs and a short exposure to sun daily.
Vitamin B6 metabolism of protein, fats and carbohydrates; the absorption of zinc and vitamin B12; the production of red blood cells and antibodies Liver, wheat bran, cabbage and cantaloupe, potatoes. Eggs, milk, fish, bananas and avocados, cooked turkey without skin
Iron the liver; immune activity; the supply of oxygen to the cells, and for the production of haemoglobin in red blood cells and certain enzymes beans, green leafy vegetables, broccoli, green beans, spinach, mussels, tuna, cocoa eggs, bread, beef, lamb, cabbage, unripe boiled plantain, pumpkin leaves, potatoes, tomato based pasta sauce, oat cereals, egg yolk, weetabix, cashews
Calcium the brain and nervous system; blood clotting; the absorption of vitamin B12; the action of the muscles; strong bones and teeth; and for cell structure cheese, salmon, white beans, tofu milk, yogurt, okra, almond nuts, sardines, white bread, cooked soya bean
Magnesium the contraction and relaxation of muscles which includes the heart; bone development; most body processes, including energy production; binding calcium to the teeth and bones legumes, spinach, white beans, oat brown rice, soya beans, avocados, peanuts, cashew nuts, baked potato, spaghetti
Zinc making collagen in the  body, including the bones; insulin storage; vitamin A metabolism and distribution; for growth, energy metabolism and immunity; and the transportation of carbon dioxide. mushrooms, fish, green peas eggs, meat, prawns, crab, oysters



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