Children’s Expectations

Have you ever wondered what goes on in the minds of children aged 5 to 12  years? At these ages, it’s a lot easier to find out because they can tell you, if only you’ll ask them and take the time to listen. We got some children to let us in on their expectations from the little world around them, comprising of their parents, teachers and friends. Children do have expectations… let’s hear from them.


Name: Marie Senior

Age: 7 years old

Class: Year 2, Oyegoke

Hobbies: Swimming, Music, Ballet, Barbie Dolls, Nintendo, Watching Tv, and Bicycle Riding.

My Best friends are: Kemi, Angel, Sarah, Amal, Ami, Aisha, Faridah, Kiki & Gold.

My Favorite Subjects are:  ICT & Numeracy

My class teacher’s name is Miss Oyegoke and she is also my numeracy, literacy and history teacher. Miss Oyegoke wants my classmates and I to be the best at whatever we do and grow up to be very responsible adults. I want her to continue encouraging me and my class mates.

My expectations: I want my friends to be helpful to one another and to be obedient to their parents and teachers.

I also want my mum and dad to always continue to be the best parent ever to me and, that all parents should not relent in their effort to provide their children with love and good education because we are the leaders of tomorrow.



Age: 9 years old

Class: Year 5

My Expectations: I expect my parents to be nice to me, and to teach me the right things. I expect them to help me do well in my studies and education and to care of me by disciplining me when I do bad things. I expect them to make sure nothing harms me and raise me to be responsible. I expect to be rewarded for doing the things that I do right. I also expect them to give me food to eat and make sure there’s money to buy all the things that I need.

I expect my teachers to teach me the right things, be nice to me and ensure that I do not  have bad friends and I am not bullied at school.

I expect the government to make Nigeria cleaner, and safer. Let there be less crime and less poor people. I want the government to stop violence and make things cheaper. We should have bigger shops and malls where we can buy whatever we want.


Name: Wilma Ifedi

Age: 11 years

Class: J.S.S. 1

My Expectations: There’s this particular present that I have been eyeing and I’ve told my parents about it. It will really make me happy if they give it to me on my birthday and take us out for a family outing, maybe for a swim. I plan to give my friends surprise gifts and expect to receive from them also.

I want my teachers to grant me the freedom to express myself regarding their treatment towards me, the ones I like and the ones I don’t like without punishing me for it.


Name: Winona Isabella Nwafor

Age: 6 years old

Class: Primary 1

My Expectations: I would like my parents to buy new clothes for me as I grow and to repair my toys when they get damaged.

I would like my friends to always play with me and help  each other when we need to get something done. I like to share my toys with my friends, so I expect that they also share their toys with me if I don’t have any. When I visit my friends, I help them tidy up, so I expect them to help me tidy up when they visit me too.

I would like my teacher to help me design my notebooks and always give me my pencils.


Name: Micheal Medebem

Age: 6 years

Class: Year 1, Grange School

My Expectations: I would like my parents to continue to care for me and teach me many things like how to say my prayers and to do my homework properly. I expect that my mum continues to take me for my piano and swimming lessons, and to cook my meals.

I would like my dad to continue taking me to bowl, and to teach me how to be a young, bright school boy.

My best friends are my brothers, Alexander and Gabriel. I love them so much, we have fun together. I teach them all the good manners that I learnt from mum and dad like saying please and thank you, excuse me and I’m sorry. I expect that we never stop riding our bikes and walking our dogs Rooney and Jacquie together.

My friends at school are Tomiwa, Tishe, Daruelle, Funmi, Mosope, Juwon, Seun, Christabel and Toluwani. We sit together at school, learn and play board games like scrabble, chess, snakes and ladders together. I would like us to continue to do class activities together as a team, and be very strong in getting our tasks done. I have 13 stars for being hard working.

I expect my parents to bring me up in light and in truth and to guide me till I’m able to make my own decisions. I love the care and love they give to me; they are very special to me. I love my family and friends.


Name: Ikemezue  Ononye

Age: 9 years old

Class: Primary 4

My Expectations: I expect my parents not get tired of investing into my education. I appreciate the money they have spent just to provide for me.

From my teachers, I expect more space in the classroom, more new books and bigger tables. My teachers are nice, patient and understanding and I appreciate them for that.

From my friends, I don’t expect much but their true friendship. They are sometimes nice, sometimes mean but they always try to keep their nice faces on so I like them for that.


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