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ROMANCE: A List Of Gestures Men Think Are Romantic To Women

Compiled is a list of gestures that some men think their women will find romantic. Which of them appeal to you?

  • Putting the bins out
  • Doing the dishes without being asked
  • Offering to make a cup of tea
  • Saying ‘I love You’
  • Opening a door for her
  • Making the bed
  • Looking after the kids so my partner can go out
  • Listening to my partner talk or moan about her day without complaining
  • A goodbye kiss or hug
  • Leaving notes
  • Treating her to a day at the spa
  • Doing the ironing without being asked
  • Putting the toilet seat down
  • Agreeing to let them choose the film
  • Give her flowers or chocolates
  • Surprise night out or weekend away
  • Letting my partner take control of the TV remote
  • Clearing the toilets
  • Cleaning up after myself
  • Candlelit dinner
  • Remembering anniversaries or birthdays
  • Cooking dinner
  • Paying her a compliment       
  • Going for a walk together
  • Give her a massage or foot rub
  • Making breakfast in bed
  • Running her a bath
  • Doing the vacuuming
  • Putting a load of washing on
  • Go shopping or on a family day out with them instead of watching/playing football
Source: Daily Reporter


1 Discussion on “ROMANCE: A List Of Gestures Men Think Are Romantic To Women”
  • Hahahaha….most of them are sweet when done by hubby (now and then 😉 . What really annoyes me though, is when he thinks he has to fold/hang clothes for me…..straight from the dryer or washing line!!!!!

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