Mum Uses Work Of Art To Lure Her Son To Eat His Lunches

A  32-year-old mum mum decided to get creative to lure her son to eat by turning his lunch box into hundreds of art pieces.

“I started making the lunches when my son started school last year, ” said Mrs Hall, whose blog has about 7,500 followers. Rather than just sitting down and worrying about her 6-year-old’s lack of interest in his lunch, the former accountant makes a great deal of effort to win her son’s desire to eat  by using sandwiches to make Spiderman, Santa and the Very Hungry Caterpillar.

According to the Telegraph UK,

She spends 15 minutes a day using fun cutters, egg moulds and food picks to turn the meals into tasty, colourful and healthy treats. The full time mum bases her lunch box creations on everything from Lego to Roald Dahl’s books, stories like The Three Little Pigs, songs and animals.

Mrs Hall, from Winchester, Hants, said brightening up her son’s lunches has turned an everyday chore into something she looks forward to. So much so, she actually misses it during the school holidays.

“I had already spent a year struggling to come up with interesting packed lunches twice a week for pre-school. I could see years of endless lunch-packing stretching ahead of me. I also wanted to make sure he was getting a healthy meal every day and putting them into trendy bento style boxes seemed the perfect solution. I soon found they were a great outlet for my own creativity – as a full time mum I get very little time for myself. So making lunches is a way for me to turn an everyday chore into an opportunity to get creative.”

“Occasionally I give a lunch a little extra time if it’s a special theme or occasion but I truly believe it’s not much more than ‘traditional’ lunches. My son really loves the lunches. I make them while he is eating his breakfast and he is always peering over my shoulder, interested in what I am making for him each day. I know I’ve made a good one if he says it’s cool. My son was never a big eater before. I used to worry about the amount of food he ate, or rather didn’t eat, but since I started making bento style lunches, his appetite has grown. These days he is much more enthusiastic about his food and will eat pretty much everything except celery.”

How far have you gone to get your children to eat their lunch?



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