Why Pregnant Women And Nursing Mothers Must Take Iodine – Study

A new study revealed that those who are pregnant or breastfeeding must take ample amount of iodine supplement in their food as Iodine is crucial is brain development of the infant. The study was conducted by researchers from National Academy of Sciences and the American Thyroid Association.

The researchers mentioned that the consumption of 290 microgram of iodine is essential for formation of brain in mother’s womb. The study also showed that most of the women suffer from iodine sufficiency that leads to the malnutrition in child. Despite of the iodized common salt which is used in cooking, the study showed the deficiency of the essential element on diet. Followed by the results of the study FDA issued fresh guidelines for intake of iodine.

The new study report is seen as an eye opener to rectify the disrupted lifestyle. The study seems to encourage the womens about their diet.

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“Why Pregnant Women And Nursing Mothers Must Take Iodine – Study”

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