5 Reasons To Encourage Your Child

A child who is regularly encouraged to read, write, learn new things or activities, do sports, eat well, behave well and be sociable, or to do anything whatsoever stands a greater chance of becoming more successful, more independent, having a healthier self esteem than children who had little or no encouragement. Encouragement can play a vital role in how a child grows and develops and how adults thrive in their day-to-day lives. The benefits of encouragement far outweigh the effect of criticism. It cannot only affect individuals, but also those who are in their presence as well.

1. Self Confidence: Encouragement can help boost self-confidence in any child. A child who is always encouraged is likely to have more confidence more confidence in their abilities, thus giving them a positive outlook.

2. Effort: When children received words and acts of encouragement regularly regarding the tasks they are doing, it will motivate them to want to put in more effort  to get the job done, even if they were not doing well.

3.  Validation: Children see words of encouragement from their parents as validation, thereby giving them a sense of pride.

4. Self Esteem: One major way to boost a child’s self esteem is through encouragement. Children who receive encouragement often feel better about themselves, thus giving their confidence a boost.

5. Success: A child who enjoys the combination of all the benefits of encouragement is more likely to be wholesomely successful. Supporting your child with words of and acts of encouragement can motivate them to achieve more.

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“5 Reasons To Encourage Your Child”

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