Child Helps Police Find Stolen Car He’s Strapped Into

A mother is reunited with her toddler, Tuesday, after watching someone steal the car he was strapped into.

“I didn’t know who it was or what they wanted, where they were going to leave him, what they were going to do with him…” said Elizabeth Barrios, whose daily routine recently turned into her worst nightmare.

“I did what I always did—left my car running with him inside and just [took] the baby inside. It takes me less than two minutes,” Barrios explained.

Barrios was taking her baby brother into Little Seed Evolution Childcare Center near the 200 block of 2nd street. The Ogden mom left her three year-old son, Aiden, in her white 2012 Mazda 3.

“I went back outside, and my car was driving away with my three year-old inside of it,” Barrios said.

Ogden Police responded and quickly learned Barrios had left her cell phone in the car, too.

“They came up with the idea that they were going to contact this cell phone,” explained Lt. Tim Scott, with the Ogden City Police Dept.

To everyone’s surprise, Aiden answered the phone and described the escalating situation to his mom!

“He was just telling me, you know, the guy is going through your purse, he’s getting your purse. I was like, ‘It’s okay. Just stay calm, everything will be okay,’” Barrios recalled.

Aiden also informed authorities when the suspect had left the car. Officers asked the toddler to honk the horn until somebody found him. Aiden complied, and moments later, police found the boy parked nearby in the vehicle.

Authorities say the suspect most-likely took off when the child answered the phone in the backseat. Whoever it is abandoned the vehicle around the 400 block of 3rd street. As for Aiden, he is safe and sound. Everyone seems impressed with boy’s ability to unlock his mom’s phone, answer, and follow instructions.

“Doesn’t surprise me…” said Daniel Severo, who owns Little Seed Evolution Childcare Center. “We know the child, and he is pretty smart,” he said.

“He knows my password, he uses it all the time,” laughed Barrios.

Ogden Police are still looking for the white-male suspect who reportedly has brown hair and a beard.


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“Child Helps Police Find Stolen Car He’s Strapped Into”

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