Read Mo Abudu’s Message To Nigerian Women In Honour Of Tomorrow’s International Women’s Day

In an era where women’s rights continue to be trampled upon despite growing calls for gender equality, the Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of EbonyLife TV, Dr. Mo Abudu, an accomplished professional and renowned media personality, has called for women across Nigeria to rise up for change.

Making the call in commemoration of tomorrow’s International Women’s Day, Abudu, who is widely regarded as a woman of many distinct and extraordinary parts, admonished Nigerian women to surmount the several barriers the society had erected on their paths to emerge successful.

According to the mother of two:

“The role of Nigerian women in the country’s development cannot be over-emphasized and given the rising socio-economic status of many Nigerian women in the last one or two decades, there seems to be a growing awareness of women’s rights to advance their goals of equality, of career and business opportunities, as well as of development and advancement in general.

We must do more of this, more and more women need to be further represented in the economic, business, social and political schemes of things. It is time for the great women of our wonderful country to rise and take their rightful places as catalysts of real change in leadership, policy making, governance, education, justice, career, business, the media, and so on.

Nigerian women have great potential and can contribute just as effectively as their counterparts in the rest of the developed worlds. We must however, as a nation and continent on the path of prosperity, encourage women more, celebrate them and be proud of the achievements of those who, in spite of the odds, are making giant strides in a difficult terrain. The society must encourage women, banish gender inequality and competition and promote the spirit of cooperation among the genders. Let there be an enabling environment that allows women to thrive and contribute their meaningful quota to the development of our great country, side by side their male counterparts.”

The 50-year-old mum and enterpreneur credits her remarkable achievements as nothing compared to motherhood. Her children, Temidayo, 23, and Adekoyejo who turns 19 today, are described by Abudu as the most important gifts and achievements in her journey so far.

Through the Inspire Africa Foundation, Abudu continues to touch many lives across and beyond Nigeria. She calls on women to shake off fear and oppression to show the world just how much power lies in them.

Source: Punch


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“Read Mo Abudu’s Message To Nigerian Women In Honour Of Tomorrow’s International Women’s Day”

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