See How Chris Brown Has Reportedly Been Bonding With His Daughter

If this story is any thing to go by, then Chris Brown is bonding really well with his daughter, Royalty and is taking his daddy duties seriously. reports;

Nia Guzman brought Royalty to see her daddy before his show in Houston, Tx., on Mar. 16. Chris sang to her, bounced on her his knee, and he even had the daunting task of changing her diaper. “When Nia was on his tour bus, she changed Royalty,” the source revealed. “The minute she took the diaper off, Chris turned up his nose. He was overwhelmed with how much poop. Royalty had in her diaper. While Nia went to throw it away, Chris wiped her behind with a moist towelette and immediately put the new diaper on her.”

Unfortunately, he made a huge mistake.

We understand that Chris isn’t used to the smell of dirty diapers, so it makes sense that he rushed to clean his baby up and throw on a fresh one. But Breezy put it on backwards!

“Chris was trying to get the diaper on her so fast that he put it on her backwards,” the source recalled. “Nia laughed at him and said, ‘You’re such a dork, but you’ll get right eventually.’ Then she corrected his mistake and showed him how to properly do it.”


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“See How Chris Brown Has Reportedly Been Bonding With His Daughter”

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