Tuface’s Ex, Sunmbo Ajaba Shares Inspiring Message On Instagram

One of Tuface’s baby mamas, Sunmbo who got married to Pastor David Adeoye of Royal Christian Centre, Lagos, years back, took to her Instagram account to post this inspiring message:

“I’m a Woman with a Different Status, Proverbs 31 to Be exact. The devil doesn’t mess with anyone who hasn’t got something going on. Believe it or not, God choose me because something good can still come out of this “Mess”- Age. I’ve been through all 3 trimesters Test, Testimony, Triumph I moved from God’s Plan, to his purpose, and to my problems, that birth my pains. I’ve come to tell you that the pains you’re feeling is not bcos of your past, but bcos you’re about to birth a Glorious future.

You don’t go into labour pains if you’re not about to birth something It’s not about what u lost but it’s about what u’re about to gain. You’ve been going thru that pain for too long, the affliction seems it’s not going to stop. U are bend over and even close to loosing your mind, it’s about time you PUSH! PUSH a breakthrough Out! The world is waiting for your manifestation.”

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“Tuface’s Ex, Sunmbo Ajaba Shares Inspiring Message On Instagram”

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