Best Sex Positions To Aid Conception

Couples will try just about anything to conceive once they’ve decided that the time is right. This applies even in the bedroom, so that sex becomes somewhat of a strategic battle plan than a passionate expression of their bond. But do different sexual positions really play a role in a woman’s ability to conceive?

There is no general harm in trying various sexual positions. Why not have fun with it?

Woman on top

While it allows the woman to control level of penetration, many believe that it’s not conducive to conception because the sperm would have to travel against gravity to swim up towards the woman’s uterus.

Sitting/Standing/Bending Over
Just as with the woman on top, these positions work against gravity. But this begs the question: what if the man is standing and the woman is bent over as if to touch her toes? Wouldn’t this be in favor of gravity rather than defying it?

Rear entry (AKA doggie-style)
Because of the possibility of deep penetration, the penis (and therefore semen) can be moved closer to the cervix. Again, another question: what if you change the angle at which the woman is bent over (i.e. resting on hands versus stomach touching the bed, versus sitting up so man and woman face the same direction)?  

Deep penetration is also possible with this favorite position, especially with all the possible orientation of the legs. Therefore, just as with rear entry, the sperm can be brought closer to the woman’s cervix, perhaps making it easier to conceive. Interestingly, this position is believed to be helpful due to the intimacy provided by face-to-face interaction. 

Lying down, post-coitus
Though not a sexual position, many swear by this method. After the deed, lie on your back, put a pillow under your hips, and wait a few minutes (some say up to 30 minutes). The idea is to use gravity to your advantage to help the little swimmers reach the cervix. Some say that if you have a retroverted uterus, you should lay on your stomach instead.


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