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June 2015

4 Basic Rules to Shield Your Baby From the Sun

Dr. Patricia Wexler A baby’s delicate skin is particularly vulnerable and cumulative sun damage starts on day one. Here’s a guide to shielding the smallest members of your family from the sun. #1: Baby Your Baby Infants have more sensitive skin

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ADAEZE YOBO: Why I Allow My Husband To Insult Me

Adaeze Yobo wife of former super eagles captain Joseph Yobo has revealed some strange methods she has been using to curb her excessive eating and lose weight. She shared a write-up which reads; “I need to hire someone who will

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7 Questions You’re Itching to Ask Your Gynecologist About Your Vjay Sorted

Jill Ginsberg The area between our legs (vjay) can sometimes feel more mysterious than the Bermuda Triangle. It doesn’t help that we have to contort ourselves like a pretzel or hover over a mirror in order to check out the

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See Why Babysitter Killed Employer’s 11-Month-Old Baby

A 29-year-old babysitter in the United Arab Emirates reportedly killed her employer’s 11-month-old baby because she didn’t allow her attend her mother’s burial. She allegedly strangled the baby with a scarf and called her boss to tell her the baby is having difficulties

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‘Too Fat to Work’ Couple Expecting A Baby After Losing Enough Weight To Consummate Their Marriage

Morbidly-obese Steve Beer, 45, and his wife, Michelle, 43, who said they were too fat to work, funded their £3,000 wedding through benefits and were forced to embark on a six-month weight-loss programme following lots of backlash, lost enough weight to finally consummate their 1-year-old

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PHOTO: Pregnant Naya Rivera Shows Off Huge Baby Bump

Pregnant Naya Rivera who is expecting her first child with hubby, Ryan Dorsey, showed off her huge baby bump as she sat in the sun and relaxed by the pool on Instagram with the caption, “A serious tan and a serious bump #summeraccessories.”

Does Your Child Still Suck Her Thumb? See Tips to Break the Habit

Amanda Rock For infants, sucking is a natural instinct. It offers them comfort and security, two feelings that can stay with a child as they get older. When a young child feels stress for any reason or is tired, sucking

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Recipes Your Kids Will Love: Chicken-Couscous

Faustina Christiansen Hey, mums! Try out this easy-to-prepare and yummy recipe. It may just become a family favourite. Ingredients 1 small zuchinni (cut into smaller pieces) 1 small onion (chopped) 2 large tomatoes (chopped) 2 small carrots (chopped) 11/2 dl green peas

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Waje Celebrates Her Mum At 64

Music artiste Waje shared a photo on her Instagram page to celebrate her mum’s 64th birthday. She had some lovely words for her mum. See post below Today my mum is 64. My beautiful mother with a heart of gold,

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‘Daughters of Working Mothers Get Better Jobs’ – Study

Mothers who feel guilty for leaving their children at home while working may not have to feel that way anymore as they could be helping their children especially their daughters get better jobs. A Harvard University study has shown that

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Mum Says She Feels No Remorse for Killing Her Children

A mother who killed her children by starving and brutally abusing them has said she feels no remorse for her actions and if given another chance she will do it all over again. The Mirror reports: Mitchelle Blair of Detroit,

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Grandmother And Grandchild Killed By Stray Bullet In Lagos

Tragedy struck when a grandmother and grandchild were killed by a stray bullet following cult clashes between rival gangs in Ikorodu area of Lagos State. The Punch reports: One-year-old Opeyemi Yusuf was licking a lollipop, comfortably straddled to her grandma’s

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17-Year-Old Wife Kills Husband To Be With Her Boyfriend

17-year-old Kwenume Ojo has been arrested by the police in Yaba Lagos for allegedly poisoning and killing her husband Jimoh Ojo. The Punch reports: Kwenume put poison in her husband’s soft drink and forced it down his throat while he slept

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Moroccan Boy Born With Deformed Face Undergoes Successful Reconstructive Surgery

A 3-year-old Moroccan boy, Yahya El Jabaly, who was born with no eyes, a hole in the middle of his face where his nose should be, and no upper jaw has undergone an 18-hour reconstructive surgery and unveiled his new face.

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PHOTOS: Reese Witherspoon Pictured With Lookalike Daughter, Ava, & Son, Deacon

Celebrity mum, Reese Witherspoon, 39, was spotted grabbing some ice cream and coffee with her lookalike daughter, Ava, 15, and her 11-year-old son, Deacon, in Brentwood. See photos: Source: babyrazzi

45-Year-Old Mum Seeks Compensation After Discovering Years Later Her Mum Damaged Her Brain

45-year-old Wendy Miller is seeking compensation after discovering that her mother hit her on the head when she was eight-months-old with a milk bottle which led to her suffering a stroke and injuring her skull. The Daily Record reports: Throughout

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How 18-Year-Old South African Girl Was Burnt to Death By Boyfriend’s Ex

An 18-year-old South African girl, Boitumelo Dlamini, was reportedly doused with petrol and set ablaze by her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend and three of her friends. Her charred body was later found in the veld in Klipgat, North West, last week Thursday. According to

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Mother Caught Cannibalising 2-Year Old Daughter’s Head Alive

A mother of three was beaten by neighbors when they found out she had been eating the head of her two-year-old daughter. Pramila Mondal who has been known to have an alcohol problem confessed to the angry crowd but could

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Benefits mum, Cheryl Prudham, Welcomes 12th Baby Via C-section Costing Taxpayers £1,500

Pregnant baby machine mum, Cheryl Prudham, who lives off benefits and said she’s too posh to push (read here) has given birth to her 12th baby via her preferred C-section which reportedly cost taxpayer’s an extra £1,500. According to Mirror UK, Cheryl,

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14 Typical Signs You Are Too Hard On Your Child

Amy Morin Do you ever wonder if you’re a little too strict with your child? Do you worry that your expectations may be too high? Do you question whether the consequences you give your child are just a bit too harsh?

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60-Year-Old Son Lived With Mother’s Dead Body For Months To Claim Benefits

60-year-old Micheal Eugene Sticken who had been withdrawing his mother’s social security money monthly has been arrested after the police found his mother’s dead body on his couch under a pile of blankets. The Daily Mail reports: A Florida man

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Awwww….Tiwa Savage Shares Emotional Moments Of Her Pregnancy

In what can be described as the emotional and spiritual bonding that exists between a mother and her child, Tiwa Savage on her Instagram page shared moments of her ‘final weeks’ before she gives birth. See post below: “The very

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MUMA GEE: My Husband Proposed To Me The First Time We Met

Music artiste Muma Gee and Nolloywood actor Prince Eke have been married for four years, the couple talk about their life together including what it entails being married to a celebrity, balancing work and family and other issues. How do

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Dear MIMsters: My Husband Using Me as A Human Shield Is Making Me Reconsider My Marriage

The story of this British man who used himself as human shield and took three bullets in place of his baby mama in Tunisia has made me doubt if I made the right decision to remain with my husband. She

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IK Ogbonna’s Boo, Sonia Slams Haters After Showing Off Amazing Post Baby Body One Week After Delivery

Her body must have been in good form post-pregnancy, hence easier to bounce back. However, do you all agree with her?