6 Style Tips For Plus Size Mums

By Dayo Richard

There are a lot of mums out there who are on the big side and for this reason may be reluctant to try out new styles and designs, worried they will not look good and feel comfortable in such outfits. Plus size mums do not need to be afraid. Follow these guidelines to create that smashing, sexy, slimmer and beautiful look.

1. Know your body shape: The first thing a plus size mum should consider before going for that outfit is her body shape. There are various body shapes such as the rectangular body shape, hour glass body shape and pear body shape. Once you have identified your body shape, you can go on to choose and select outfits that suit you.

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2. Consider your body frame: Another factor you should consider is getting the right clothes that fits your body frame. We tend to see a lot of plus size mums wearing clothes that do not fit them, making them look odd and uncomfortable.

You need to be careful because if you wear clothes that are over sized or too tight, it can give the impression that you are bigger than you really are.

3. Get the right underwear: Consider the type of underwear you choose. Ensure you get the right fit for your body size. For example, a well fitted bra gives your bosom a well toned appearance. Also, getting the underwear that will help you control flaps located at certain areas of your body will give you a trimmer look.

4. Go for dark colors: Dark colors also help plus sized mums look good as they have a slimming effect on the body. For example if you have a big upper body, wear a darker top and pair with a light bottom or vice versa in case you have a bigger lower body.

5. Wear shoes that give height: Shoes are another major factor to consider when you want to look good. You can wear heels that can give the impression of height. Platforms and block heels look better on plus size mums as it makes their legs appear slimmer.

6. Wear the right accessories: Accessories also provide a lot of style to an outfit. Wearing statement bangles make the wrist slender. Bags should complement your size and overall look.

With these fashion tips, hit the shopping malls and fashion stores right away to create a more confident you.




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