6 Simple Tips For A Squeaky Clean Home

Eyinade Eweje

Do you feel so helpless about that not so tidy look that’s fast becoming synonymous with your home? Here are simple steps you can take to deal with the situation. Of course, you know that sets a healthy environment with minimal susceptibility to infections and diseases for the whole family to blossom.

This starts from as little as cultivating the habit of making your bed when you wake up in the morning and ensuring your kids do same. Breeze through bedrooms quickly in the mornings to put minor haphazard arrangements in order. You could also set a day fortnightly to declutter, clean and re-organize.

In addition, do a 20-minute general cleaning in your kitchen after each meal preparation and avoid piling up dirty dishes. If you have grown kids, make a rule that each person washes their plate after every meal and rotate washing mum and dad’s plates, cooking utensils and so on, among them. Assign other age appropriate chores too.

It also really helps to try to get rid of filth in and around your home immediately you spot it. Resist the urge to turn the blind eye and you’ll prevent them from piling up into a bigger mess. If affordable, get paid help. You should also make the most of your close friends and relative’s long visits – it’s a good time to do some decluttering and tedious cleaning.

It can be so refreshing to walk into your home and find everything in designated places. That itself creates a decent look. Maintain this by putting things back in spaces assigned for them immediately after use. This does take a level of discipline, though. Imagine if throw pillows in your living room were ever in place, CDs in its rack instead of littering the stools, remote controls on the TV shelf, kids’ toys packed immediately after play instead of leaving them scattered on the floor, drinking cups off stools after taking drinks, and so on. All these left undone, add up to a messy look that’s often overwhelming to clear later on.

Charts and boards (or you may want to call them chore tables) are another way to make organizing and cleaning your home much easier. A chart helps you map out everything you need to do, note areas where you need help and set executing them in course. So, each week, take a good look at your itinerary and designate little chores that won’t burn you out for each day.

Don’t be a litter bug and train your kids not to be. It will surprise you to find out how incredibly close the trash can at home is to you every time you need to use it. So, always get up to do the right thing! Don’t forget to wrap up food wastes in foils, and empty and clean your trash cans daily. In addition, make sure whatever waste disposal method you choose is environment friendly and healthy enough for your home. Avoid unpleasant smell at all cost!

Do a little spring cleaning in your bathroom from time to time instead of waiting for that one big wash, which takes more time and energy. Also, ensure your closet is flushed properly after each use, wash-hand basins wiped, and the floor, mopped. It helps to teach your kids how to do this. Then, make a rule and agree on a consequence to ensure they know they also have a responsibility towards keeping the toilet and bathroom tidy.

Cleaning tools like mops and mop buckets, brooms, vacuum cleaners, wash clothes, and so on, are meant to be properly cleaned and disinfected after use to eliminate dirt, dust and germs, making them hygienic for next use. Don’t forget to keep them properly organized too for easier access, which saves you the stress of rummaging.

Overall, take stock of the specific cleaning needs in your home, set a course of action and start small by taking baby steps in the right direction. Slow but steady does win the race in this case. You’ll see!

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