John Fashanu Claims Estranged Wife, Abigail, Wants A Pound Of Flesh In Divorce Settlements

Reports of details leading to the demise of John Fashanu’s marriage to his wife, Adaeze Yobo’s mum, Abigail has been on media for a while. Both parties took to the media accusing each other of vile acts. Read here.

This drew reactions from John’s family members who gave their own two cents here and here. Now, the former England striker says his estranged wife is now demanding for a whopping £3million in divorce settlements which also include purchasing a new car of her choice every two years.

Fashanu who owns a string of restaurants exclusively told Sunday People: “She clearly wants her pound of flesh now, but financially she did very well out of our marriage.
“I gave her £3,500 a month, I bought her a beautiful house and a brand new Kia Jeep.
“She’s welcome to keep them, that’s no problem, but not a share of my assets.
“We were only married for two years and we only actually lived together for about the first month of that. For her to want £2.5million, it’s outrageous.”

Responding to these allegations, Abigail Onyekwelu branded her estranged husband a “lunatic dreamer.”

She said: “I didn’t ask for anything cos there’s no point killing a dead man.
“I’m the only good thing that has ever happened to his life in the recent past. He came to my house with nothing.
“It is very unfortunate that I was in union with a lunatic, a dreamer, a man suffering from temporal insanity.
“John Fashanu is just using this opportunity to hype himself. My advice to him is to forget that we were once married and move on.”

From September 22, their divorce case will be heard at Abuja’s High Court. Abigail is hopeful that the judge will make the right decision. She says, “The court papers will prove I’m not asking for anything.”

Below is a picture of Fashanu at the police station in Abuja after he claimed he was attacked with a Sumarai sword.Fashanu in police

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