Rapper, Kanye West Gushes About Fatherhood

Kanye West who is expecting his second child with wife, Kim, in December, shared on how fatherhood has impacted his life in an interview with Showstudio.

He said: “Having a family, period, has completely made me rethink the way I rap, I just love my family. I’m happy for the normal reasons to be happy. Because I married the woman of my dreams and I have a beautiful daughter and so many beautiful people around me. I have a son on the way. I have a lot of life ahead of me, and I have the opportunity to be completely rogue and the ability to support myself being who I am.’

He however revealed he is worried about raising his children in the public eye. He said: “Do I worry about being in the public eye and raising kids? Yeah, any situation you’re in, you’re going to worry about raising your kids,” adding, “It’s champagne problems. There’s people who can’t feed their kids.”

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“Rapper, Kanye West Gushes About Fatherhood”

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