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Beauty Tips With Brushstrokes by Teju: For the Love of Lashes

It’s been said that the eyes are the window of the soul. While that may or may not be disputed it’s certainly sure that every woman who cares about her looks pays special attention to this very engaging part of the face.

Our eyes speak even when we don’t want to and so our little tip for the week is how to dress these windows up to suit their frame.

Depending on which methods you fancy you can have enviable lashes if you follow these guidelines:

Regular volumising and lengthening Mascara

This helps to make sparse lash hairs seem longer fuller and more luxurious. They are available in almost every cosmetic brand and give varying results when used right. With mascara, the trick is to place the wand mid length and move it upward to the tip of your lashes in a zigzag pattern. This gives you volume and length when repeated, be sure to cover as many strands as you can reach from the inner corner of your eyes to the outer. The shape of the wand determines what effect the final result will give. Note that if you have shorter hairs you should stick with smaller wands with short bristles.

3D Fiber lash application

This amazing innovation in lash enhancement has been around for a few years and allows you to move from zero to eyelash hero in minutes. With the 3 step application of gel, fibers and gel again, you end up with 200 to 300% increase in volume and length.

The results look like this:

Trust me, it’s not Photoshop or any scam. It’s real!

Next edition, we will discuss the wonders of reusable strip lashes and individual lash extensions. Their pros, cons and how to wear them to suit your eye shape.

Remember to make those windows as interesting as you can…

Glamorously yours,

Lash lover,



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