How Pregnant Wife Allegedly Eloped With Another Man to the US

An embittered husband, Alhaji Shamsideen Adebimpe, has recounted how his 44-year-old pregnant wife, Mrs Hajia Abibah Anike Adebimpe (pictured above), dumped him and eloped with another man to the US with their only daughter.

According to PM News, he said she obtained International Passport for their daughter without his consent and when he discovered, she moved out of the house. He added that when he travelled to her home town in Ondo State to trace her whereabouts, her relations informed him that she had changed her identity and travelled with to the US with their daughter.

He said in May 2015, she sent him a text message informing him that she had eloped with her lover and was due to deliver this December. She also allegedly told him that he should forget about the pregnancy and their daughter as her new man has accepted to adopt both their daughter and pregnancy, adding that she never loved him despite their several years of marriage.

Adebimpe, who said he married Abibah in 2008 according to native and Islamic laws, has now written a petition to the Nigerian Immigration Service and American Embassy in Nigeria, in the hope of getting his daughter, whom they welcomed in August 2013, back.

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“How Pregnant Wife Allegedly Eloped With Another Man to the US”

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