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Controversy As High School Principal Tells Females to Cover Up to Earn Some Respect From Males

Jim Bazen, principal of Plymouth Christian High School in Michigan, has sparked lots of controversy with his online editorial supporting school dress codes, especially for female students. He says modest dressing is important for females to ‘preserve this wonderful gift (virginity) for their ‘one and only.’”

Bazen, whose school implemented uniforms last year, added that male students will inevitably have sexual thoughts when faced with girls in provocative dresses.

He wrote:

“As a female you will never completely understand the male mind. Being wired more visual, males are attracted to shape and skin. Yes, a lot of bare skin or tightly covered (Spandex!) skin is a sexual distraction to a male. He will say, the more skin the better … but this leads him to treat women as ‘sex objects’ rather than respect her for who she is. So, it would seem to me that if you do not want women treated as ‘sex objects,’ you should tell them to cover more skin.

A dress-code policy stating ‘Women, dress how you wish’ and at the same time expecting the guys to keep their eyes off young ladies with shirts revealing their cleavage, short skirt, tight pants/leggings, shorty shorts, or tight shirt, is like walking out into the rain and expecting not to get wet. The only way you can help young men not treat young ladies as sex objects is by telling the young ladies to cover up! A young man will not think of a respectfully dressed young woman as a ‘sex object’ but is more likely to see her for who she is.”

He added that dress codes are not a penalty for females but a measure of protection.

Lots of backlash followed his comments, both on social media and in public opinion pieces from women’s rights groups such as Progress Michigan. Some compared his comments to a call for burkas, and tagged him ‘sexist.’

A comment read: “How about you just teach boys to actually respect women? That’d be nice. Women don’t need to cover up to not be treated as ‘sex objects.’ Men need to learn how to NOT TREAT WOMEN AS SEX OBJECTS.”

Another read: “What about having classroom time teaching our young men that women are not objects to be ogled at by male students and teachers. This guy is the problem; he objectifies women and girls, and then blames them for his own shortcomings.  Get such people out of our schools.”

Bazen has however told People that he is surprised by the reactions and maintained his stand. He said:

“Now, I also wish I’d added, ‘Men, you need to control your eyes. You need to look away instead of make a woman a sex object in your mind. But I stand by my basic thought: The way to help women is to get rid of pornography, and get rid of the dress that is provocative.

I don’t put myself above anybody. I say to the ladies, ‘Please dress in a nonprovocative way.’ And I need to control my eyes as well and not think in a lustful way. I’ve done a number of surveys of the male population, and it’s almost unanimous on this issue. They are affected by revealing clothing. It does have a turn-on effect. I’m not anti-women. I just don’t want them to be seen as sex objects.”

What’s your take on this principal’s thoughts?

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“Controversy As High School Principal Tells Females to Cover Up to Earn Some Respect From Males”

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