Ailing Alison Madueke’s Pictures Attract Sympathy

A photograph of Diezani Alison-Madueke, Nigeria’s past Minister of Petroleum, showing that she is ill with cancer has gone viral on social media. Most of the comments that followed the post are sympathetic to the plight of the woman said to have stolen about 20 billion dollars during her tenure as the minster of petroleum.

PM News reports that Alison-Madueke has not returned to the country since she flew out in the same aircraft with President Muhammadu Buhari after he won the 2015 presidential election. Most Nigerians are not convinced that Alison-Madueke is innocent of the allegation that she embezzled such huge amount of money.

The trending photograph was first published by Dele Momodu who runs Ovation Magazine. The picture shows Alison-Madueke, who used to be quite beautiful, now looking much older, complete with a wrinkled skin and cropped hair, said to be effects of chemotherapy treatment.

Below are some of the reactions to the photograph,

@ChatWithWilson: “seeing the recent pics of Diezani Alison-Madueke is humanly quite saddening. But there are lessons to learn from it all.”
@EmmyMabs: “She needs our prayer…See Diezani Alison-Madueke’s current look”
@DamilareAgoro: “(I) can’t believe this’s Diezani! I still feel for her even if truly she stole Nigeria’s money.”
@Tbabz: “Diezani has cancer indeed. She wasn’t lying at all”
OlisaOsega: “God! I can’t believe what I’m seeing. Is this Diezani?”
@blessberrie, ‘was in tears looking at the photograph’
queen_nickki: “Diezani is actually dying. OMG!”
@Harieson: “asides the paris attacks, I got freaked out by that picture of Diezani Madueke. I’m all curled up right now, struggling to believe she’s the one.”
Adeola Fayehun: “may God grant her quick recovery!”
SirJeffry: “Nnaa mehn, this cancer na devil oo. See as it has transformed the once pretty Diezani to a grandma. God abeg oo, heal and restore her to normalcy.”
@InnaRooney: “I don’t think I will celebrate Diezani’s sickness because I know not how I will end up. If you can’t wish her well don’t pray for her worse.”
@forakin: “for all her misdeeds, in the face of personal struggles, this is no time to gawp over pictures of the stricken, we are all vulnerable.

The next set of comment added a little twist to their words while still expressing some form of sympathy,

@linusNoni: “propaganda setting in. Diezani’s pictures to soon be on net; she looks weak. Wish her speedy recovery but that not should stop any investigation.”
@tosinadeda: “unfortunately stolen funds can’t save anybody!”
@babydot4u: “seriously, Diezani Alison-Madueke??!!!! Is this how you want to play the game??? Nigerians are watching…I don’t trust politicians.”
Paulpaulpaul says; “Nonsense, how many people died of ordinary malaria because she stole the country dry? It’s left for God to finalise her case oh. I’m indifferent about her look; not happy: not sad.

Someone else in reacting to the photographs accused the immediate past minister of petroleum of being stingy to those close to her, making mention of how, ‘church members at a point all cut her off in their minds!’

A certain Elslim believes the photograph is the result of a good make-up artist and says Nigerians should not be fooled.

Dear readers, what do you think about the ailing Alison-Madueke?

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“Ailing Alison Madueke’s Pictures Attract Sympathy”
  • I don’t pity them at all. Ill gotten wealth this is the end result. Bible says “they will leave it in the midst of their days.”

  • so sorry for her, but surely any public officer who chop money calamity will befall such person. Let d money go round pple are suffering.

  • It’s probably her punishment and hope others are seeing. Even the money might not cure the cancer. My prayers is with her anywayz

  • Jst lyk someone said,everyone is vulnerable to one killer disease or d other.
    Maybe she has made peace with her creator nd some of us are still hating on her.
    No one is a saint we all have fallen short of God’s glory in one way or the other.

    Let the will of God be done in her life.

  • I’m sorry but I don’t believe this hocus pocus for a minute. I know what late stage cancer looks like and this ain’t it. This is just good makeup and photoshop. They should stop shoving bullshit down our throats…just because they wanna escape justice.

  • If she’s truly sick, well she should recover fast and come face the music here cos we need explanations. There are still lots of Nigerians with cancers who can’t afford local treatment and she’s being treated abroad with our money.

  • Wish she left a better legacy for herself. God help us all. I always insist that public service is an opportunity to write ones name on stone, when misused, its terrible!

  • Pls all we should have been doing now for MRS. Deizani Alison Madueke is to pray for her quick recovery from this terrible disease. We are all aware of the levels of the disease in the world today that it is only God that can heal this kind of sickness.We serve a mighty God who can forgive any sin committed,if the Petroleum Ministerour confess her sin to God Almighty she will receive forgiveness because God is the God of mercy. Every body should mind their business and stop abusive words because that can not help us as a country even if the billions of dollars they said the minister stolen are recovered some people are waiting to steal the money and the money will not be found.Pls look back to some top Nigerians who claimed to have recovered money from some people and tell the world or Nigeria as a country where the money went to or what the money was used for in this great country of ours.All should pray for the minister to come out of this terrible disease and let us hear from her mouth what she has to say in this matter.May GOD ALMIGHTY save and heal MRS Alison Madueke and many others that are passing through this same terrible disease that has no solution except GOD HIMSELF that can put and end to it.May GOD heal NIGERIA from stealing and suffering the poor.

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