3-Month-Old Conjoined Twins Successfully Separated in 8-hour Operation

A pair of three-month-old conjoined twins who shared the same liver have been successfully separated. The babies, Jannat and Mannat, joined at the abdomen and lower chest, were rushed to a special medical research facility just moments after they were born on August 27 at a private hospital in Barara, India.

According to Mirror UK, specialists at the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER) then began examining them to see if they could be parted without significant harm. Medics decided to go ahead and last Monday completed the gruelling eight-hour, 30-person operation to separate the twins.

Dr Ravi Kanojia, associate professor at the Department of Paediatric Surgery and the surgeon who led the team, said:

“Chances of such births are one in half a million. This is a rare case scenario and a surgeon would be fortunate to see a couple of cases in his or her lifetime.

We called the family in three or four times to conduct tests such as CT and MRI scans to find out the organs the sisters’ shared.

We found that the twins had a conjoined liver in between, but fortunately the rest of their organs were separate. While Jannat did well from the beginning, Mannat being smaller of the two had to be kept on ventilator for some time.”

Mannat also requires a minor procedure to remove the abdominal mesh in 3 to 4 months. Despite this the twins are recovering well and would be discharged soon.


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“3-Month-Old Conjoined Twins Successfully Separated in 8-hour Operation”

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