‘Face of a monkey drinking panadol over my marriage’ – Actress Georgina Onuoha Turns Blazing Guns on Nosy Fan

Nigerian actress and mum of two, Gerogina Onuoha, who is based in America has called out a nosy fan she said goes by the name, Vivian Fowler, writing,

“Face of a monkey drinking panadol over my marriage. Wanna be cow/goat is having a headache as to why I’m still bearing my last name.( igwegbe). I don’t know why people can not keep their opinions to themselves. Meanwhile, they are the most miserable in life. Oops I forgot, she said Buhari made her an ambassador. . Kidding. .she actually calls herself an ambassador, but it’s not what you think. .it’s a student/university ambassadorship recruiting students I guess so she can be paid.
Looking at this picture of her speaks volumes. . She desperately needs attention and a man. The last time I checked, only street gals dress this way. @ Vivian Rowland. .Go get a life ok.. And learn next time how to write on people’s walls about matters and issues that doesn’t concern you. Peace girl. Time to start exposing faces of bigots who sit behind computers vomiting hate over people they don’t know or issues that they don’t have a clue about. Her Name is Vivian Rowland on Facebook. .Please help make her famous. Usually I don’t respond to such shenanigans, but this thing over stepped her boundaries. .Goats and monkeys like her thrive on other people’s pain for gain”.

The angry actress through her Instagram page further revealed that the offensive fan had been edging her about her marital issue, asking why she was still answering her husband’s name. The fan had been going on about the actress’s issue since October and had been addressing her using some seriously offensive language; however, she also talked about the actress’s two daughters and that is when Onuoha turned blazing guns on her via Instagram.
Onuoha also said that,

 “This is why I called this chick out. Write your crab about me but please don’t make the mistake of bringing my kids into it. Because I will check you and call you out. Since she made herself a sherif and judge Judy over my marriage matters. Please Vivian Rowland, next time before you write crab about people, pick your candidate well and do a very good research. Let people be ; and try hard to impact your world and not taking to the Internet to vomit your hate and display your ignorance. I have given you the 15 minis of fame you so desired and I’ve had a filled day laughing. Next time before you write crab about me or any of my colleague or woman going through private issues in their relationship be prepared for the backlash. Let this serves as a warming to all ignorant people who will not keep their ill opinions about others to themselves.
Peace girlfriend .. @ogechijayesime… I hope you applaud bullies?

Georgina Onuoha has no kind word for cyber bullies!

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“‘Face of a monkey drinking panadol over my marriage’ – Actress Georgina Onuoha Turns Blazing Guns on Nosy Fan”

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