Ways to Keep Your Sex Life Interesting While Trying for a Baby (Part 2)

Dolapo Marinho

Yesterday, we shared 5 ways TTC couples can maintain their mojo in the lovemaking department and curb the usual tension and boredom that comes with scheduled copulation in the bid to maximize chances of conception (read here).

Find 5 more sure-fire tips below:

1. Lubricate!

The tension associated with sex for pregnancy is a real passion killer, especially for women. It can interfere with arousal and hamper the body’s production of natural lubrication. Simply invest in a good quality spermicidal jelly. Make sure that is it fertility friendly so as not to negate all your efforts!

2. Too Much of a Good Thing!

For men especially, the initial thrill of having sex all the time can feel like a dream come true! But when conception doesn’t happen quickly, men can sometimes feel like they are being used simply as a baby making tool. If he gets tired and doesn’t feel aroused, you can feel like he is not as interested in having a baby as you are, making for an all-round sorry situation. Get some massage oils and rub each other up. There is nothing more sensual than touch to build desire. Yes, you want a baby, but you need to be in tune with your husband’s needs too. Sometimes make your intimate time just about him.

3. Steal a Weekend Away

Steal a few days away, check into a hotel, paint the town red. Whatever you do, enjoy each other. The importance of being close and united cannot be overestimated, especially when you are trying for a baby.

4. Change the Routine

When you’re trying for a baby, chances are you are having a lot of sex. After a few weeks or months of the same routine, the inevitable boredom sets in and sex becomes little more than a chore. Keep things fresh people! Have sex in every single room of your house, join the mile high club and hey, just because you want to procreate does not mean you have to be going at it like rabbits. Leave a number of days between ‘sessions’and allow room for spontaneity!

5. Dress Up Games

Talk to each other about your deepest fantasies and act them out! Trust me, if you can get the intimacy between you right, (barring any other medical considerations)…the babies will surely come!

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