CREATIVITY: See How Mum Makes Healthy Food Fun For Toddler

For a lot of parents, getting their children to eat their daily reuirements of food has been a real struggle. To play safe, some parents are stuck with offering their kids the same kinds of foods they are sure will not be rejected.

According to the Mirror UK, a 31-year old Australian mum brings her creativley to play in a bid to get her toddler to enjoy healthy nutritious food – by presenting it in the shape of his favourite cartoon characters and it has paid off.

Laleh Mohmedi, a senior medical recruitment consultan and mum to two-year-old Jacob says she has always been a big advocate of healthy, organic food for children.

She told the Mirror UK: “Each meal takes approximately 20-35 minutes depending on the ingredients and complexity of the character.”

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“CREATIVITY: See How Mum Makes Healthy Food Fun For Toddler”

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