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‘Not a single drop of formula!’ – Mum Who Breastfed Daughter Exclusively for One Year Shares her Experience

A Florida mum, Courtney Victoria Pollock, who breastfed her adorable daughter, Kennedy Shea Kyllonen, exclusively until she turned one on January 23rd reached out to MIM to share her experience and breastfeeding photos shot by her photographer friend, Megan Mahoney, in celebration.

See below:

She wrote, “I remember the day after we brought Kennedy home. It was a Sunday, I was crying in the bathroom in front of my dad Dan, because I didn’t want anyone else to see me upset.

I didn’t think I could nurse her, I didn’t trust myself, I was positive I wasn’t making enough to nourish my baby.”

Like most new mums, Courtney had self doubts. She explains, “I was so scared and in so much pain, begging my dad to go buy me a can of formula because I thought my baby was starving… But she wasn’t. I was doing everything right, everyone reassured me that she was okay and things would get easier.”

“I remember messaging Chanel and Allie all hours of the night asking them the same question over and over again. With the help of so many mummy friends, and all of my family, and Jr. who has always supported me nursing our daughter, I can now proudly say I breastfed my daughter for one WHOLE year,” she writes.

Even though it’s been quite challenging exclusively breastfeeding baby Kennedy the entire year, Courtney has no plans of weaning her just yet.

“Not a single drop of formula! And we do not have any plans to wean any time soon, though we are now trying solids.
“It’s been difficult and sometimes, I get mad that her dad can’t get up to help in the middle of the night,” she tells us.

“Still, I never thought I would fall so in love with breastfeeding like I have this past year. I’m so thankful I had my friends and family’s support me to help me through this crazy ride.

“I am beyond proud of myself for giving Kennedy the best possible start. Would not have
changed any of this for the world!”

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“‘Not a single drop of formula!’ – Mum Who Breastfed Daughter Exclusively for One Year Shares her Experience”

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