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Mum’s 5 Simple Secrets For A Young & Radiant Look

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the best thing you can do to keep yourself looking youthful and fresh even after having kids. So, note these simple tips and apply them to achieve this all-important objective.

1. Always wear a smiling face and be happy. Smile always, even when you are going through rough times. It stretches your skin and makes it firm. Frowning makes you look older and weak. Another great thing about smiling and being happy always is that you it has an endearing effect on lots of people around you. So, keep smiling!

2. Exercise your body. A recent study presented at the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine annual meeting found working out roughly three times a week has been shown to be a Protector of Youth, as it changes the body and reverses skin aging.

Exercise naturally helps boost your Human Growth Hormones. It also helps nutrients and oxygen circulate freely to your skin to make it look younger and more radiant.

3. Eat well balanced meals in moderation. As you grow older, it is advisable you take more of fruits and vegetable as they are low in calories and fat but rich in vitamins and fibre. Also, reduce your intake of fatty foods and salt. Eat foods rich in protein as it helps heal and regenerate damaged or old tissues. Remember to always drink a lot of water too as it helps to reduce wrinkles.

It’s also important you eat in moderation.

4. Sleep and rest well. Get enough sleep and rest well daily. If you are bothered by anything, don’t let it rob you of your sleep and if it does constantly, see your doctor. Just as sleeping and resting well makes you feel younger, deprivation of it will make you look older and stressed.

5. Reduce your intake of Alcohol. Alcohol makes you look older. When you drink it, your liver begins to work extra hard and deprives your body of useful vitamins and minerals. When you reduce or abstain from alcohol, it reduces dehydration and then, your body is able to flush out toxins thereby giving you a clearer and firm skin. Alcohol wrinkles the skin faster and exposes addicts to a weakened immune system.

In addition, reduce your shower time and apply a moisturizer afterwards. Do not forget to wash off your make-up before going to bed. Finally, don’t expose yourself to the sun; invest in sunscreen, sunglasses and hats to protect your skin while outdoors.

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