8 Things A Pregnant Woman Hates To Hear

Ineh Olisah

With all those hormones working in overdrive, pregnancy is upsetting enough for an average mum or mum-to-be. Restrain yourself from causing even more upset by noting this list of things no pregnant woman wants to hear or be told.

1. “You’ve become so fat.” Breaking news. Is that suppose to be a compliment or a deliberate effort to upset me? No pregnant woman wants to be reminded about her baby weight, so, keep that observation to yourself already.

2. “You are pregnant, not sick.” I get it but let me remind you that for some women, pregnancy comes with all kinds of symptoms that makes you sick. So, if you are one of those lucky few who went through those nine months like a walk in the park, please give people like us a break.

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3. “Can I touch your belly?” A lot of pregnant women would wear a ‘Hands off my belly’ tag around their necks if they could, just so you know you can’t already without asking. Even though you mean well, for most pregnant women, letting every Tom, Dick and Harry rub their pregnant belly feels like a huge encroachment on their privacy.

4. “Pregnant again?” Obviously, this remark comes when you get pregnant while still nursing an infant or when they think you already have enough kids. It’s not in your place to judge, so, keep that to yourself.

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5. “Why is your stomach so huge, are you having twins?” Believe me, she already feels somewhat embarrassed by her oversized tummy, so, don’t rub it in. Besides, there isn’t anything that you, she or anyone can do about it.

6. “Your bump is so small, are you sure your baby is healthy?” Really? How do you even begin to respond to that? Even doctors can’t tell a foetus is healthy or not by the size of their mother’s bump; small or big.

7. “Wait until, it’s time to deliver. You will see pepper or you will shout.” Back to the sender with immediate effect. Nothing gives you the right to make negative utterances about a pregnant woman’s delivery. Just zip it!

8. “You better have a boy” or “you better have a girl this time.” Like she gets to decide her baby’s sex with a magic wand. Keep that too to yourself!

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