See How 18-Year-Old Busted Dad Who Has Been Raping Her For Over 4 Years

An 18-year-old girl, Sarita Devi, filmed one of her rape experiences in the hands of her father to convince her mother and older sister who refused to believe that he had been sexually abusing her for over four years.
The teenager from Northern Indian who captured the ugly episode on her phone reportedly said,

”My father has been sexually assaulting me for four years. I always tried talking to my family about it but no one believed me. I did not have any proof. I collected the proof this time for myself to be able to raise my voice against my father. I made the video clip on a mobile phone.
 I am ashamed to have a father like him. I demand he is punished for exploiting me for so many years. I don`t want him hanged but publicly killed and beaten by the general public so that he realizes how it feels to be tortured.
I am relieved the truth is out. I am happy it is over. I now want to see my father punished for what he did and try to get on with my life.”

She revealed her 53-year-old father would force himself on her whenever there were alone at home.

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During the last assault, she placed her phone on the window and started recording. When the assault was over, she showed video to her mother before taking it to the police station as evidence.

The video clip was then used as evidence in arresting the wicked father last week.

Sariya’s mum said,

”I always went mad when my daughter complained about her father. I thought she was making up stories about him. But the truth has left me shattered. I am still shocked to believe a father could do this to his own daughter.”

Sariya’s father has now blamed his addiction to alcohol for his heinous crime.


Police revealed he has been charged to court.

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