Mums Share: How to Initiate Sex Education With Your Kids

Majority of parents evade initiating sexuality education, leaving their children to derive information from inappropriate and corruptible sources which may eventually invite doom.

If you are finding it tough to initiate the ‘big’ talk, get some inspiration from these mums…

Lady Vivien Anaka, mum to Daluchi, Kosisochukwu and Chiazokam

I initiated sex education when my kids were about 8 and 9. I had previously started with my two young domestic staff who came to live with me. Then, as a newlywed, I lived in a compound with 10 other families with some young guys who were serving as apprentices. So, I brought up the topic out of fear that they could be abused.

I started by telling them about the human body and the differences between both sexes. I also taught them about puberty, menstrual period and childbirth. As I explained to them, they were embarrassed and giggled shyly but they were eager to learn! I explained to them the importance of taking care of their bodies and that if they allowed anyone play with their private parts they would get into trouble.

Then, I spoke about the almighty SEX itself, imploring them abstain until marriage and cut off interactions with anyone that tells them it’s OK to have sex. I entertained a lot of questions from them in the process, and you’ll be surprised at the kind of questions they asked!

For me, though a neighbour condemned me for starting so early, it was a pleasure. And I must say it successfully shaped their perspective. Today, my daughters are ladies and I’m glad I started early.

Nikki Esin, mum to  Anthony, Alexander and Abigail

I started with detailed discussions about personal grooming. I believe as parents, we need to be the first source of information since we can’t realistically be the only source.

Now, my goal is to demystify sex. I define sex, explaining what it is, who it’s for and under what context. I caution that when used incorrectly, it could leads to consequences and whatever pleasure derived is not worth the risk. I am explicit about HIV, STDS and unwanted pregnancy. I’ve discussed the reality of paedophiles and rape. Of course, in all these, I remind them they are under the constant watch of angels commissioned by God but they also need to be careful and keep me informed.

At first they were uncomfortable but now, it’s became a lot easier to discuss.

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