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‘I am not a husband snatcher’ – Stella Damasus Claps Back at Viral Speculations

Nollywood actress, Stella Damasus cleared the air on viral speculations that she snatched her partner, Daniel Ademinokan, from co-actress, Doris Simeon in a chat with ThisDay. The mum of two said,

“Let me put it this way; let me help you hit the nail on the head. One of the comments I have seen consistently, over and over again is, ‘Stella snatches somebody’s husband’; ‘Stella the husband snatcher’; which is what has been going on. And I had sworn that I would never talk about it or even listen or stress myself about the issue. But I have decided to talk about it now, so that I end it once and for all.

First of all, let me paint a picture for you and you let me know what makes sense to you. Let’s go to the dictionary, when I looked up the word snatch or steal –it means forcefully taking something away from its original position or forcefully from its original position to another position; something that does not belong to you – that’s what I gathered from the word snatch or steal. So I looked at myself, Stella, and I wondered, how is it possible to go to somebody’s home, and take a man, and take his son, away from his home and say follow me. (Let’s assume) You are a man, and according to their story, he is happily married inside his home. With his family complete and I walk into that home, to forcefully take a man, able-bodied man, and a kid, away from somebody’s hand and you are there looking at me. How does that work?

So logically, if people actually sit down and think about it intelligently, how do you snatch somebody from somebody and the person is there looking at you? So when you see a man who has settled ties with a woman and decides to move on with his life and you feel that there is something in this man that you like and he likes you, is there a problem there?. I am not a kid. I am 36 years old. I am not about to start hiding myself. I was waiting for somebody to actually ask me this question, because all I have heard for the past two to three years are rumours. They said, blogs said, this said. Nobody has been bold enough to confront me and ask me.

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So I say, if I steal something from somebody, and the person is really the owner of the thing, you come and ask me, ‘You took something from me, give me back’. But nobody was able to do that. And I am like, if I meet an able-bodied man that has left (his family) and moved on; that is not even in the same house with whoever and is not doing anything with whoever, and both parties had decided this thing (marriage) is not going anywhere, and they have gone their separate ways, why is it easier for the world to blame the woman that the man has decided to end up with? Why is it that it is always that woman that broke that home? The two people that did things that nobody was there; nobody said something must have happened between the two people. It is always somebody else that is the problem. And I always say I do not tolerate blaming anybody for your own problems. I have had problems. After my late husband’s death, I got married again and the marriage didn’t work.

After eight months, it crashed. People didn’t hear much about it; why? We were both mature to understand that we came together; we knew that the thing was not working and instead of us to become enemies we will remain friends; let’s just let it go quietly. And we let it go quietly. I didn’t blame anybody else for doing it (for not making my second marriage work). He didn’t blame anybody else for doing it. So I am wondering, two people come together and they later go their separate ways; this one meets somebody, all of a sudden, it is that somebody that is the problem. Did anybody ever ask, what went wrong?

Why would a man pick up his son and walk away from his marriage? Was there any time another woman was the problem until the man moved on with another woman? Nobody brought up Stella’s name. Then, all of a sudden, ‘oh he’s moved on with somebody else (snaps fingers); it must be her’. How? I am still waiting for somebody to come with proof to say ‘oh when they were still in marriage, when they were still in a house, you came and did this.’ So the reason why I don’t like talking about it is that, there are some things I would say to you and you would look at me like ‘oh wow!’ but I don’t want to be derogatory. I don’t want to toe the line that other people have toed by saying bad things about people. I would never do that but the stories started coming.

At first I ignored the stories. I just kept quiet and then it was all over the place, Google, blogs, and I am like, one day, one day, I would tell my story. There’s a reason why I am respecting certain people, respecting certain legal issues that are going on. So there might be some things I may not hammer on, but whenever you hear this person snatched this person’s, you will ask the person, the person that they said was the original owner, what was the person doing when they were snatching the person from him or her? I don’t get it. Do you understand? So I look at it, I am not ugly, I am not dumb. Of all the men in the world, I will now go and look for somebody else’s own and say this is the one I want. If he didn’t come out of it and say I want to be with you and you want to be with me, how? Why would I come and grab…? Am I that bad-looking? Am I that old? If I have 50 husbands, how does that affect you? Does it change my work? I do my work, you enjoy it.

…it’s a matter of choice. People make choices every day. They’ve made theirs, I have made mine; if you can’t deal with it, no problem. It is my life. Live yours and I will live mine. And I am Happy. I am not ashamed; never a moment of regret.

Whatever issues a man has with his wife, when they deal with it, they deal with it. I don’t come into it. And once you are done with it, and ready to move on, and you want to move on with me, and I want a life with you, it’s me and you. I don’t care what anybody else is thinking or saying. People have said this; it hurts because of the impression people tried to create but I looked at myself and asked myself, ‘Stella in your heart do you believe you did anything bad?’ If my answer is no, then my dear, there is no looking back. Because I am not a kid for me to make a decision and say I want to be with this person.

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“‘I am not a husband snatcher’ – Stella Damasus Claps Back at Viral Speculations”
  • foolish stella and for all I care Stella is a full time husband snatcher. Shameless woman a man is busy messing ur body without even taking u to the alter n u still get mouth to talk. How can he leave his wife wt 1child n go to sm1 wt 2kids? Ur vagina Na magic or wetin? Abi u don use alum to over thight it making daniel de behave like em dey lions den. Mumu man

  • All these Epistle according to St. John that you’re writing, am not buying the crap you’re selling gurl, go tell it to the birds in the bush. We all know Doris Simon was your friend while married to this dude, you were wining and dining on the same table then. How can we determine you and Daniel weren’t an item back then? How did he decide to move on with his wife’s bestie and you agreed? Gurl, go and hide your face in shame cos it’s because of people like you that a lot don’t believe in friendship.

  • Stella your stories ain’t selling …..(no points)
    You are a full time husband snatcher,
    And a disgrace to motherhood.
    Karma awaits you.

  • an touched.lolzzz even if they were seperated for crying out loud you guys were friends are there no mor men???

    • I use to be your no.1 fan, but not any more. You are a disgrace to womanhood. If someone does that to you will you be happy. If the death would see and talk, would your late husband be proud of you.

  • Woah. Aunty Stella na only u waka come ? He decides to move on with u n gbam u agreed, hmmm don’t worry fingers are crossed n we are watching from 3G. U too will soon tie scarf lyk aunty Tiwa n tell ur own story. Snatching d man wasn’t enuf u even took her son too.! Ole calling u a snatcher is an understatement!

  • Stella u r no different frm a thief wo going in to sumone’s house with gun to rob. The painful part of it S dat, u didt only steal d husband but also d son. Wat kind of a mother r u. Ur daughter must b ashamed of u. Doris is ur friend for crying out loud. Pls change N WATS all ds song u wrote jus to justify urself.hmmmm Pls Mk sure dat wen acting film u shuld tk d part of husband snatcher, u don’t nid any rehearsal bcos snatching people’s husband is ur field.

  • Honestly, only a dumb would buy this your story.
    You’re just a wicked being with no heart of remorse.
    Who am I to judge you but to an extent you’re not worth to be called a friend.
    If my friend not even my bestie happens to have issues with her marriage I would try and bring peace in their home and if the peace isn’t forth coming I’ll let them be not to totally separate them.
    You’re heartless.
    There’s this Igbo adage that says, a marriage that produce a child doesn’t just end, no matter the years of separation, they might separate but bear it after years they will still reconcile but you have cost them no hope of reconciliation because of your evil act.
    What will be, will be.

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