About to Pop? See Fun Games to Try Out At Your Baby Shower (Part 2)

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Previously, we shared 5 fun games sure to make your baby shower one of the coolest held yet (read here if you missed it).

Find more cool ideas to try out…

6. How well we know each other
The parents-to-be are asked about 10 or more questions separately and out of each other’s hearing. The questions could be:
*What is the sex of your baby?
*What food did you crave for the most in your first trimester?
*Whose features do you want the baby to inherit?
*How many more kids do you want?

The answers of each spouse should be noted and parents-to-be should be placed on hot seats together to guess each other’s answers.

7. Birthday wishes timeline
Depending on the number of guests present, each is given a blank birthday card and envelope with numbers on them. Guests are to design and construct a birthday message suitable for the birthday year written on the envelope. For example, if there are 40 guests at the shower, there should be a birthday card for each year for the baby’s first 40 years. Noteworthy are those landmark years in life. So guests that gets these numbers must indicate the significance of these special years. In all though, the messages should be meaningful and lovely.

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8. What did you notice?
Each guest is given a pen and paper and instructed to closely observe the mama-to-be. The mom-to-be comes in with a tray of baby items. She shows the content of the tray to guests, and then leaves the room. The guests will be required to write down all they noticed about the expectant mum:
*What colour of nail polish is she wearing on her toes?
*Did she wear an engagement ring or just her wedding band?
*Was she wearing make-up?
*What type of dress was she wearing?
It is at this point the guests would realize that they didn’t actually pay much attention to the expectant mum but to the objects on the tray. After each guest has written down their answers, the expectant mum comes back into the room and the answers of the guest will be compared to what was observed. The guest with the most accurate answers wins.

9. How many can you name?
The guests should be given pens and papers with an alphabet written on the paper. The guests are to write 20 baby names and baby items beginning with that alphabet within a stipulated time. For example: Brown could be someone’s name and also a type of colour. This game is fun and may even help the parents-to-be choose names for the expected baby if they have not already done so. Better yet, this game can spin in another direction. Using the first letter of the expectant couple’s name, each guest could write about 20 names beginning with that letter. This occurs within an allotted time, say 1 or 2 minutes. The person with the most names wins.

10. Use the letters
If the name of the baby has already been chosen, the name is written in bold letters on a paper and a copy each is given to a guest. In 2 minutes, have the guests write 20 words using all the vowels or consonants in the name. The person with the most words wins the game.

What games would you add to this list?

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