Tragic: Jealous Husband in Uganda Pours Acid on Wife after Discovering She is HIV Positive

A mother has died of her injuries at Mulago hospital late last month, after her husband, Imran Kaliisa, poured acid on her leaving behind a 7-year-old daughter.

NewVision reports on the night of January 7, 2016, the couple had a domestic quarrel which led to horror when the 27-year-old husband doused his wife, Justine Aisha Kyomugisha, with acid.

For 8-years, the couple lived together in Mankindye, Barracks Zone in Uganda.

According to the deceased’s relatives, they say the couple had been having a long standing feud but nonetheless, they remained supportive. However, things began to go sour when Kaliisa started working in Rwanda 6- years ago and leaving his wife behind.

“At times he would return and spend just a day and go back, sometimes leaving her with nothing,” they say.

After a while, her supportive family came to her rescue by helping her set up a Second hand shoe business in Container Village so that she could money to take care of herself.

To Kaliisa, this was the start of the troubles as he tried to stop her from working and urged her to hire an attendant.

Justine Aisha Kyomugisha

Kyomugisha was a hardworking and determined woman. Her business began to grow, expanding to Park Yard and St. Balikuddembe market. Kaliisa reportedly got tipped off by friends that his wife is cheating on him, thus his decision to return to Kampala to monitor her. He started working in Kikuubo last December.

He began to put strict conditions on his wife among which was never to return home late. On that fateful day, Kyomugisha returned home late and her husband accused her of having been out with men.

One of the couple’s neighbour identified as Zamu Nalumansi, says on the fateful day, the couple got into a serious fight. Kyomugisha fled to her house for refuge, with her terrified daughter in tow.

As the deceased narrated what had happened to her,  Kaliisa came in hot pursuit and asked her if she had chosen to flee to her neighbour instead of her parents. He then ordered her to go back to the house and pack all her belongings and leave.

Unknown to them Kaliisa, like a crafty hunter, was luring his wife to hell. A few steps out of the neighbour’s house, with her little girl in tow, Kaliisa, doused his wife with acid, some of which splashed onto the little girl’s back.

Nalumansi quickly called for help as her friend screamed in anguish: “Help me ‘Taata Shamim’ has burnt me with acid!”


She also sustained minor burns as drops of acid splashed off Kyomugisha’s face.

Following that fateful night Kaliisa went on the run and has been on police’s most wanted list. Kaliisa, who was arrested from areas of Bunyoro after 4- months on the run, confessed to the evil act.

Police suspect Kaliisa had for long planned the attack and that the acid had been procured and kept nearby.

He told the Police at Katwe that he always grilled his wife about the numerous phone calls she received at awkward hours of the night, strongly suspecting they were from her lovers. She always told him they were only business partners. Bothered by the trend, Kaliisa started rummaging threw her belongings to find ‘evidence’ of infidelity.

It was during one of such ‘fishing expeditions’ that he found an HIV status card showing she was positive. All hell broke loose. Kaliisa says when he confronted his wife she denied having knowledge of what he was alleging.

Out of anger, he decided to punish her in a manner she would never forget, and set about his evil plan that he carried out on the fateful night.

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