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FAMILY RECIPE: Ghanaian Palm Nut Soup


Hey, mums! Here’s a yummy Ghanaian soup that goes well with almost anything. Try it out this weekend.

1 liter water
2 large tomatoes
2 medium size onions (one is okay too) – peeled
1 large fresh hot pepper
300 – 400 g palm nut paste
800 g assorted meat
3 tbsp homemade ginger paste (thumb size ginger, onion and grains of selim blended)

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How to prepare
*Place meat in a deep cooking sauce pan and pour blended ginger mixture on it.
*Add one tablespoon seasoning to it.
*Pour in one deciliter water and cover to steam on medium heat for 20 – 30 minutes 0r until meat is 70 percent cooked.
*Add onions, pepper and tomatoes.
*Pour in palm nut paste together with one liter water.
*Cover to cook until tomatoes and onions are fully cooked.
*Take them out ( onion and tomatoes), blend till very smooth and pour it back in the soup.
*Adjust seasoning to taste and let it cook further for 35 – 40 minutes or until a thin layer of palm nut oil forms on the surface.
Enjoy with fufu, rice or yam, or anything you prefer.

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