Actor Charles Onojie & Wife Obehi Welcome 2nd Child After Several Miscarriages

On Wednesday, May 25th, 2016, Nollywood  actor Charles Onojie and his wife Obehi welcomed their second child together in Decatur, Georgia, in the United States.

The comedian and his wife, who got married on November 2012 in Benin City named the cute baby girl Onoseta.

The excited mum of two shared the great news on her Instagram page, narrating the difficulties she encountered before finally conceiving.

She said: “Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.
God is wonderful, he blessed me with another beautiful baby 2 days ago, he made it possible for me to sing a new song again, our God is good!
When you are waiting on the Lord for something good to happen, please don’t give up, He will surely answer you. I never knew what it meant to wait on the Lord until he taught me how. Since my first daughter became a year old, I have been praying for another baby, it took quiet a long time before it happened. During that time, I was worried, delayed periods meant miscarriages to me, my mum wasn’t helping matters, “Obehi is old enough to have a sibling, what are you waiting for? Born them sharp sharp, make you rest once” she had no idea what I was going through, I prayed and prayed, cried and cried, then it happened. My period was a week late but I was too scared to confirm my status, then I tried my ovulation test kit, it gave me a smiley face ☺ I shouted and rushed off to tell hubby, he said calm down, take this money, he was just giving me a lot of money that morning ?? neither of us knew how much, he told me to go to the nearest clinic for confirmation, as I was driving down, my heart start to beat, I said to myself, I should ve been quiet about this, what if I just raised hubby’s hope for nothing? God reassured me that because He is King over all, everything is beautiful. As soon as my result came out of the lab, my eyes automatically became xrays, I scanned through the paper in the nurse’s hand from afar and I saw *positive* I asked her from where I was sitting, “positive abi? ” she said yes. Ha mo’gbe o, I screamed the whole clinic down and hugged her so tight, I gave the nurse money to buy lunch for herself and the rest of her colleagues. You see, when we take in easily, we don’t know what God has done for us, until we start to hear stories of how many women, are trying hard for the same thing you got so easily. Always be grateful, no matter what, your morning will surely come, keep believing, your testimony will come. All the challenges I had during this pregnancy are long forgotten since my bundle of joy arrived, thank u Lord”

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Congratulations to the couple!

Photo credit: Obehi Onojie/ Instagram

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