Bizarre Culture! Singaporean Family Watches Son Get Intimate with Girlfriend for First Time

The shocking story about a Singaporean family who insisted on observing their son having sex for the first time has been making rounds on social media.

According to reports, an unusual story of a family living in Woodlands New Town has taken over Singaporean social media after a photo was posted by a member of the family showing a male and a female in bed, in the middle of intercourse, while members of their family watch on.

The intimate moment was captured by the man’s uncle, claiming it was a family tradition that has been passed down through generations.

He said: “While most people may consider it odd, for our family there is nothing more proud than celebrating a son, brother or nephew having sex for the first time.”

”We see it as the last step on the long journey to adulthood, and it’s also a special chance to witness the moment that a new life is formed.”

The uncle also revealed that he also had his family present to witness his first intercourse.

He added: “I felt less nervous having my family there to accompany me, and also give me guidance on how to proceed. At first I had trouble entering my girlfriend, but my mother suggested I take things more slowly and relax, and I was able to eventually slip it in.”

The uncle also captured the man’s mother and sister, who were sitting on the edge of the bed to provide tips and encouragement.

“I snapped the photo right at the moment before he came, and it was truly a beautiful scene.”

Since the photo was uploaded, so many people have been commenting  about the family’s unusual tradition.

Some people labelled it as ‘unnatural and obscene.’

Another person wrote: ”It’s quite disgusting that such a private act must be witnessed by the man’s family”.

One commenter wrote: “Sex is something that should be behind closed doors, without your parents and siblings observing.”

On the contrary, someone else said: “I think it’s actually quite charming that the family supports their children so much during a pivotal moment in their development.

”It can’t hurt to have some extra advice when things are hard.”

Photo credit: East Asia Tribune

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“Bizarre Culture! Singaporean Family Watches Son Get Intimate with Girlfriend for First Time”

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