5 Reasons Mercy Aigbe-Gentry is One Cool Mum

Elegant Nollywood actress, producer and fashion entrepreneur, Mercy Aigbe-Gentry does not just blow us away with her impeccable style statements, she is one of the super admirable celebrity mums who seem to have it all. Married to accomplished hotelier and car dealer, Lanre Gentry, she is a yummy mummy to a 14-year-old girl, Michelle and 6-year-old boy, Juwon.

Check out top 5 reasons we think she’s one super cool mum…

1. She’s a firm but doting mum. She never gets too busy to spend quality time with her two cute-pies. She told MIM, “When I’m not working, I’m home most times. We talk and I try to catch up on what’s happening in their lives, especially my daughter’s. Then, I take them out often just to have a nice time. We do movies and shopping too, though for shopping they now have to come to Mag Divas; my boutique. Then at times, I make sure my daughter comes to the shop to help, she has to learn the business…I don’t have a problem with my kids when it comes to discipline because I start instilling the values l want them to portray from as early as possible.”

We think it’s so admirable Michelle is already learning the ropes of mummy’s fashion business.

2. She makes juggling career, business and family look easy. In an era where lots of celebrity marriages are crashing like a pack of cards, Mercy sure does a good job of keeping the home front running smoothly to her husband and children’s delight while pursuing her several business interests and career. Spot on! She’s definitely one great inspiration busy mums can indeed have it all.

3. She’s ‘dropped two’ but still looks so fly. Mercy is unarguably one hot mum of two. We think she even gives her equally beautiful teenage daughter a run for her money with her stylish looks and lovely shape. Who wouldn’t want a super stylish and yummy mum like her? However, having those qualities do not come on a silver platter as she told MIM,

“I take very good care of myself. I get my facials done twice a month, then, I get a massage regularly. I get a steam bath once a month. I make sure l try never to sleep with make up on. I exercise as often as l can. I do sit-ups, I go on the treadmill for 10-20 minutes in the morning when I’m not in a hurry to leave the house. Then, I watch what I eat, drink a lot of water; l drink water first thing in the morning. I just try to lead a healthy lifestyle.

My style is chic, sophisticated, depending on the occasion, and comfortable. Sometimes, I take risks because I feel fashion should be fun. At times, you need to experiment with some things and you might just get away with it.”

4. She knows just how to parent a teen in this modern age. Her relationship with her teenager daughter, Michelle, is definitely the stuff cool parent-teen relationships are made off. She told MIM,

“Kids of nowadays are exposed to a lot of things. Social media, peer pressure, TV, everything! Times are so much unlike when we we’re growing up, so I have to always be on top of my parenting game as mum to a teenager. You have to share a very good relationship to ensure they always open up to you, so you can in turn give them the right information and advice. Otherwise, they would be misinformed because teens can be easily influenced by a lot of things. They are exposed to a lot of negative influence when you’re not with them, so you need to make them feel you can be trusted enough for them to confide in you and trust your judgment on any issue. My daughter and l are very good friends. I try to be a good mum and friend; we are very close, so she can tell me anything that is bothering her and ask questions about anything. I tell her as it really is too because she may go elsewhere to find out. Then, I’ll lose her trust

There was a day she came back from school and she was like, ‘Mummy somebody got expelled in my class for giving someone blowjob’ and I just exclaimed, ‘Blow what? You know what that is?’ She just laughed and said, ‘Mummy, you don’t expect me not to know that.’ You know, that opened another room to educate her. As often as possible, I have to talk to her about boys. Teens need sex education. She is growing up so fast, so, I need to tell her all she needs and wants to know so she doesn’t get it all mixed up.

You don’t want to know what children of these days know…I’m very firm with her. She knows me. We’re close but when I have to discipline her, l do. That keeps her in check.”

5. She a cool stepmum too. Mercy equally shares an adorable relationship with her husband’s three children from his first marriage to actress, Bimbo Akinsanya. She spilled,

“He (her husband) has three beautiful daughters and l have a fantastic relationship with them. Even with their mum. They are my kids too. There are times when they go on location with me and assume the role of my P.A while on set. We do everything together, we’re fantastic together. They call me their second mummy, they actually use the word ‘small’, they call me ‘small mummy’. So, their mum is ‘big mummy’ and I’m ‘small mummy’. They use the word ‘small’ because like them, I’m also in tune in with today’s trends. Their relationship with my kids too is very good.”

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