Risikat, Wife Of King Sunny Ade Spills On Being Married to a Polygamist

Risikat Adejoke Adegeye, one of the wives of music legend, Chief Sunday Adegeye, popularly known as King Sunny Ade, KSA, in a recent interview shared her love story and marital life with the king of music and how he has been supporting her career.

The mum of six powerful boys, who is a former member of Lagos State House of Assembly also revealed the plans she has for her husband ahead of his 70th birthday anniversary which will be coming up in September, Vanguard reports.

As a female politician

I am a politician, a mother and a wife. I was  a Lagos State House of Assembly member 2007/2011. I am presently a member of the House of Assembly Service Commission. My late mother was a politician and, since I was young, I was determined to be a politician; and God gave me the grace to be a politician that people know worldwide. My intention is to become the Amuwo Odofin Local Government Chairman and I believe I will be there by God’s grace.

When asked about her husband’s impact on her political life:

King Sunny Ade is a good  husband. Whenever his name is being mentioned, I am always happy. He is a man of honour, a kind man and a father that always gives support to the wife and children. He made me what I am today. He  is very supportive. He is not just a husband to me, but also a father, brother  because whatever I want to do in life, I must tell him.

On how they met:

We had a tenant then and this gentleman and an elderly man  came to the house to look for the tenant. I was so happy when I met him. We spoke, and  elderly man who came with him asked him if he liked me. The man told my mother that Sunday was interested in marrying her daughter and I was already in love with him. That was how the love story started.

What attracted him to you:

I love him as a person, as well as his music. I was determined to marry him as if God had told me  I had  a  future with him.

Life after marriage:

It has been very comfortable. He is a man that one can relate with, very quiet, helpful,  lovely and caring.

Being the wife of a popular musician:

I always feel  proud. Worldwide, even in Europe and America, people love his music. Whenever people ask  for my name, I  tell them  I am King Sunny Ade’s wife and they would  exclaim, ‘Wow, I know him’. I always feel very happy. There is no regret in my marriage.

Lessons learnt from KSA:

I learnt  a lot from him. He is a very humble human being meet. He is also very quiet and focused. If you are quiet and focused in life, there is no way you will not get your target, you will definitely make it in life.

My love life with KSA:

The love I share with my husband is indescribable. Most young couples don’t do such. Forget his being a polygamist, he’s a committed husband. I still collect my monthly allowance from him up till  date.

My relationship with his other wives:

It’s cordial.

Memorable experience:

It was the day I met  my husband, as well as the day I had my first child.  Another memorable experience for me was the day of my inauguration as a  House of Assembly member.

KSA’s forthcoming 70th birthday:

His 70th birthday is around the corner and I want to mimic him that day. I already told him that he is going to give me few minutes on that day and I will dress and sing like him.

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