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Wife Of Lagos State Governor, Bolanle Ambode, Presents Gifts To Pregnant Women, Urges Them To Stay Hygienic

Wife of Lagos State Governor, Bolanle Ambode, has admonished pregnant women to embrace a healthy and hygienic lifestyle in order to curb the infant mortality rate in the state.

According to National Daily, the first lady made this admonition on Wednesday at a programme tagged “Hope for Expectant Mothers”, which was organised by the Hope for Women In Nigeria Initiative (HOFOWEM) to support pregnant women.

While emphasizing the need for pregnant women to engage in safe hygienic practices, including washing of hands regularly, Ambode stated that infants are often at risk of infections and many common diseases if their mothers do not cultivate hygienic habits.

She said, “The act of washing hands is so simple yet we do not see it as a game changing solution. They are so elementary that we frequently forget they can save lives. Basic personal hygiene and good sanitary conduct begins with hand-washing.

“So it is an important message to take home for the young ones. Let them know the many benefits of that simple act. Tell them it prevents infections, keeps them neat, keeps them healthy and happy all the time.

She continued, “Even as mothers, always wash your own hands not only when you have visited the toilet but before cooking, serving food or attending to your infants. This way, many unnecessary illnesses for the child or mother would be prevented. As women, we have a key role to play in the health-for-all aspiration of the Lagos State Government. We must play our role effectively to help government achieve zero infant and maternal mortality rate.”

She also urged pregnant women to get proper advice and direction on basic ante and post natal care for themselves and their infants, according to National Daily.

The wife of the Governor then presented gifts, including baby and mother beds, towels, beverages, thermometers, shawls, diapers, breastfeeding nets, and travelling beds, to at least 230 pregnant women.

See more photos from the event below …

Bolanle Ambode

Bolanle Ambode Bolanle Ambode

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“Wife Of Lagos State Governor, Bolanle Ambode, Presents Gifts To Pregnant Women, Urges Them To Stay Hygienic”

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