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Selfless! Hero Husband Sacrificed Himself To Save Beloved Wife From Flood

A Chinese man has been called a hero after sacrificing his own life just to save his beloved wife from drowning in the flood waters which washed him away in Jingmen City, Central China.

The hero husband had reportedly tied his 72-year-old wife to a tree with a makeshift rope made of his own clothes, but he was unable to hold on to the trunk until rescuers arrived.

Mirror reports that the elderly woman was later rescued by military firefighters after they received a distress call from a local who claimed his mother was stranded in the recent wave of flooding.

The caller said he was unable to reach his mum, and that attempts to throw her a lifebuoy had been unsuccessful.

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When the rescuers arrived at the victim’s location, they found her clinging onto the tree for dear life and then dragged her onto the lifeboat by the clothes her hubby knotted round her waist.

After she was rescued, she told firefighters how her loyal hubby saved from the horrific flood.

“He tied me to the tree, but he was washed away by the floods,” she said.

The rescue footage has since gone viral on social media, along with the heartbreaking story of the victim’s loss which has typified the tragic floods of the last few weeks in Central China.

Watch the touching video below…

Photo credit: CEN

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