Househelp Claims Satan Made Her Do It After Penetrating 4-Year-Old Using Her Fingers

A female house help who could not hold her sexual urges has landed in trouble after she sexually molested a four-year-old girl and claimed it’s satan that made her do it.

The 28-year-old woman identified Felista Wachira allegedly penetrated the genital organ of the minor using her fingers and was charged on Monday, July 25 with committing the offence between May 1 and July 10 in Nairobi, Kenya.

She was also charged with indecently touching the minor without her consent, according to Star Kenyan.

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Narrating how her devilish act was exposed, the prosecution said the girl’s mother noticed her daughter had become quiet and behaved negatively towards the house help and that the little girl often cried whenever the mother left for work.

The girl, who shared a bedroom with the house help told her mother what happened when she talked to her in the house help’s absence.

She said the accused’s actions left her in a lot of pain adding that she was asked not to tell anyone as this was a “good thing”.

Police said she would assault the girl after carrying her to bed. The sexual assault went on until the night the minor cried out and went to her mother’s room.

A doctor confirmed the minor had been sexually assaulted.

The accused was reportedly released on a surety bond of Sh300,000 in the case that will be heard on August 19.
Photo credit: Carolyne Kubwa
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“Househelp Claims Satan Made Her Do It After Penetrating 4-Year-Old Using Her Fingers”

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