TY Bello Shares New Photos Of An Internally Displaced Survivor

Popular Nigerian photographer and singer, TY Bello, has shared new photos of a healthier looking baby Hadiza via Instagram.

You will recall that photos of the baby looking emaciated went viral on the Internet some weeks ago.

Now, the photographer has taken to her Instagram page to share photos along with a post showing how much Hadiza has grown over the weeks. In her post, the mum of twin boys urged individuals, organizations and governments to work together to help those who have been internally displaced. “It’s clear we all must find a way to get involved,” she wrote.

Read the full post below …

Few of us will forget the first images we saw of baby Hadiza on the Internet. Her body broken and severely malnourished .. She didn’t look like she was going to make it. Baby Hadiza’s image shook us back to reality. She woke us up from our denial .. There was an active war within our borders .. And it was cold and wrong for the rest of the country to carry on like it was all happening on another planet. Photographs of a recovering baby Hadiza a few weeks afterward was a beacon of hope … Showing us how big a difference can come to the lives of the victims of this war when individuals, organizations and the government work together to solve a problem. It’s clear we all must find a way to get involved.

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I was delighted to meet a happy Hadiza when I visited one of the centres created specially for severe cases of malnutrition. I almost didn’t recognize her. Her mother shared their story :

“We left Bama on the first day of the attacks for Bula Karim. We walked for a day to get there.We felt it was safe.
We spent two months in Bula Kareem.. Hadiza got sick and our food quickly dried out .. We had a little wheat for a while .. We started starving once it finished. We would go for three days without having anything to eat at all … Thirst killed a lot of people around us in the village.
We had to run off again at 3 am after a neighbouring village was burnt down and felt BokoHaram was heading our way.
We ran back to Bama with no food still and things got worse for Hadiza when I also fell ill and stopped producing breast milk.
Thankfully, the army came to our rescue and transferred us to Maiduguri where we recieved treatment . I’m so happy to see her doing much better. The quarters where we received treatment is our home now .”.#internallydisplacedperson

TY Bello

Photo credit: TY Bello/Instagram

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