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Woman Arrested For Abandoning Two-Hour-Old Newborn In Plastic Bag

A 20-year-old mother from southwestern China, simply identified as Wang, has been arrested by the police for allegedly abandoning her newborn baby in a random spot just two hours after giving birth, Mirror reports.

The mother, according to the report, placed the newborn in a pink plastic bag before dumping the bag in Wangjiaoqiao village, south-west China, where it was discovered by local residents.

Sources say the  police immediately rushed the newborn to the hospital for emergency treatment, but doctors could not save the baby’s life.

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Surveillance footage from the village revealed that the woman wearing a red coat and black trousers carried her newborn in a pink plastic bag across town and abandoned the bag a distance from her home in a random spot.

She reportedly confessed to the police, after they located her home and arrested her, that she had abandoned her newborn just two hours after giving birth.

Reports, however, suggest that the young mother did not give any explanation for her actions and refused or did not know how to answer questions regarding the baby’s father.

According to Mirror, it is not clear if the child, whose gender was not reported, died before or after being abandoned and left exposed to the elements.

Sources say if she is found to have murdered her baby before discarding it, the young mother will be subject to additional charges besides those she currently faces.

There are speculations that the 20 year old abandoned her baby because she was not sure who the child’s father was and was without a stable income.

Photo credit: CEN

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