5 Reasons We Think Iyabo Ojo Is One Cool Single Mum

Nollywood actress, producer and beauty entrepreneur, Iyabo Ojo, has been in the movie industry for 18 years. Away from her successful career, the beautiful 38-year-old is a single mum of two teenagers – Festus, 17, and Priscilla, 15.

Check out 5 reasons we think she’s one cool single mum…

1. She’s a fashionista

Iyabo is definitely one of the hot and stylish celebrity mums around the block. A look at some of her photos with her teenage children would easily pass them all off as siblings as she absolutely knows what’s up and dresses the part…always! Who wouldn’t want a yummy mummy like her?

2. She’s playful

She’s also quite playful with her adorables, and we can only imagine the impeccable bond she shares with them from goofy photos she shares via Instagram, including the one below.

3. Her daughter is fast becoming a pro too

The single mum is also rubbing off her impressive acting skills on her daughter, Priscilla, who has featured in some of her movies and bagged the BON Award for Best Child Actress twice for her impressive performances.

Priscilla is also a budding model to watch out for. As Priscilla’s manager, Iyabo makes sure she does her acting and modelling on a part-time basis to make sufficient room for school, which the doting mum says always takes precedence.

4. She gracefully rose above her failed marriage & stepped up to her single mum status

Iyabo, who split from her husband over 10 years ago, recently spilled they only got married because of an unplanned pregnancy and the marriage subsequently crashed because they both had clearly different expectations.

Hinting she single-handledly raised her teenage children, even while still married to her husband, Iyabo said in her 17th birthday shout-out to her son, Festus, via Instagram,

“…it wasn’t easy being a father & a mother @ d same time even when I was married but today all I can say is thank u lord!…”

She previously told NAIJ,

“It is a journey that when I look up and look down all I have to say is thank you, Lord. It has not been easy.

I remember when I first started that journey with my kids, even when I was married I was doing it all alone. When I came out of it I thought that Iyabo doing it all alone was temporary but now it is permanent. That kind of made me buckle up and all I kept saying to myself was that these children didn’t ask to be here, I brought them to the world, they are my responsibility and I just have to be the best mom to them.

… I don’t do beyond my limit. I don’t copy people; I cut my coat according to my pocket and it was easy for me like that. There was a time I sold my gold jewellery. I have had to borrow from friends to pay my children’s school fees…I am always the last. They have to come first.

My business has also been of a lot of help as acting alone cannot pay our bills. I started with a supermarket even before I got married but now I have two beauty shops to assist in picking my bills as a breadwinner.”

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5. She’s cool with her ex and allows him share a close relationship with their kids

Regardless of her differences with her ex, Iyabo is cool with him and he shares a close relationship with their children. Revealing she pulled all the stops to make sure of this because of her own background, Iyabo recently told New Telegraph,

“When I was growing up I didn’t know my mother because she had left. I don’t think I have ever told anyone this. I was about nine or 10 years before I knew who my mum was. I didn’t even understand the meaning of mum, even after knowing my mum I still couldn’t relate. I was so much into my dad.

When it happened to me I told myself that I don’t want my children to grow up that way. I want them to grow up having a balanced life. Even though I am going to play the role of a father and a mother to them I still want them to have a dad in their lives.

So that when they sit down and their peers are talking about both parents they can feel good. I don’t want my kids growing up feeling intimidated, not having courage. I said to myself I made the decision to have the first child, I made the decision to have the second even though I didn’t want to. It was my decision and it is mine to deal with.

I don’t like when parents especially single mums bring in the hatred or whatever situation they have with their ex-husband or Baby Papa to the kids.

It is not their issue, whatever issue you have with the man deal with it. I have had my Baby Papa calling me to say “I am calling Priscilla, but she is not picking my call” and I ask her why and she says I am fighting with my Daddy. I love it when I see my kids relate with their father. It gives them that sense of belonging that their dad is there.

That way their life is balanced and they don’t feel I don’t have a dad. He has been part of their lives since when they were young.”

Photo credit: Instagram/iyaboojofespris

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