Ask An Expert: Can Menstruation Can Take Place Without Ovulation?

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Q: Can menstruation take place without ovulation? If it can, why is it that even when one does not ovulate, menstruation still takes place on the due date? Or is it possible for one to ovulate without having those signs of ovulation, such as, sharp pain at one side of the tummy, egg white discharge, etc?

Dr. Alex Kaoranu Molukwu (OB/GYN) says:

Yes, menstruation can take place without ovulation. The events which are collectively known as the menstrual cycle are controlled by a pea-sized structure called the pituitary gland, attached to the undersurface of the brain.

The dominant process of ovulation during the female reproductive life is the cyclical growth and maturation of ovarian follicles. This involves a well coordinated, interplayed complex of several female hormones, oestrogen and progesterone being the dominant hormones. These hormones have designated areas of primary operation – target organs.

From time to time, there is mutiny by these organs; a failure to respond to stimulation, abnormal response to command, overreaction by the organs often influenced by age. Note that advancing age may be a resistance.

The release of a well developed matured egg from an ovarian follicle is classical ovulation which may be associated with lower abdominal pain, slimy vaginal discharge, salt crystals in the vaginal fluid, vaginal bleed, mood changes, breast changes, increased thickness in the lining of the womb, fluid retention and changes in the basal body temperature.

It is therefore not surprising the system sometimes goes wrong. At least 20% of the women attending infertility clinics will have a problem relating to ovulation.

In infertility clinics, we treat ‘a whole woman’ and not the absence of egg white, slimy vaginal discharge or lower abdominal pain.

Please try to avoid tension or anxiety because this is one of the greatest enemies of patients. Kindly see your specialist who will appraise your peculiar state, carry out specific and appropriate tests to identify and treat your problem. Be patient because your sweet result is round the corner.

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