Super Stylish Michelle Obama Graces The Cover Of Instyle Magazine

This week, Michelle Obama is trending on the covers of two American magazines, namely InStyle and Essence .

While she shared the spotlight with her husband, President Barack Obama on Essence magazine, alone, she speaks to Instyle about trends, her personal style, the obstacles young women face around the world and her plans post White House.

On following the Trends

“I tend to not worry about the trends, because what works for an 18-year-old selfie queen may not for a 52-year-old First Lady who is a mom of teenagers she’s trying to be a good role model for.”

On The Obstacles Young Women Face Around The World

“…there are places in the world where families don’t believe that girls are worthy of an education. They’ll save money and send their sons to school, but they believe that it’s more important for their girls to stay home, get married early, care for the chickens, cook, and clean.”

On Her Personal Style

“Very casual. No makeup, a T-shirt, and a pair of ripped jean shorts or workout pants because I’m always on the verge of going to or coming from [working out]. I love color and pieces that make me feel good, but it’s much more informal.”

On life after leaving the White House

“Well, the honest answer is I have no idea, just like I had no idea what my life would be like living in the White House. My hopes are that we recapture some everydayness, some anonymity. And we know that will take some time. But I always joke that I dream of opening up my front door and walking out without any notification, without any security,” she told InStyle.

“But at the same time, there are many aspects to living in the White House that we’ll miss—the folks who work here, the staff who takes care of our families, my team who works on these issues. I mean, these are the people we see every day.

”They’ve cared for us for eight years. My children’s formative years have been in this house. But we’re young. Barack and I still want to do great work.”

InStyle said the October cover marks the first time the fashion chronicle has ever featured a first lady. It’s fitting given that Obama will be remembered fondly by the fashion industry for her flair and for supporting American designers.

Photo credit: Instyle

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