10 Months On: Celine Dion Reveals She Is Still In Love And Married To Late Husband, René

Almost 10 months after the death of her husband, René Angélil who died after battling cancer (read here), French-Canadian singer, Céline Dion says her love for him will continue to go on. The 48-year-old said on CBS Sunday Morning:

“Before he left, it was very, very difficult for all of us. For me especially, and my children, to see the man of my life die a little bit more every day. And when he left, it was kind of a relief for me that the man that I love, the only man that I kissed, the only man that I loved (was no longer in pain).”

During her open and honest chat with CBS NewsMo Rocca, Celine was also asked if she hopes to fall in love again anytime in the future. Her answer may just surprise some fans.

“Not now. Unh-uh.

I love. I love. I love him. I’m still in love with him. And I have the love of my children. I have the love of my fans. I love the people that I work with. So my life is not empty of love.

I go to sleep and imagine that you’re there with me. And I go to bed with him. And I come on stage with him. And so I’m still married to him,” she spilled.

The super mum of three was just 12 years old when she was introduced to René by her mother. Their love story started off as a professional relationship as he served as her manager until things took a romantic turn, leading to their lavish wedding in 1994.

They were married for more than 20 years before René passed away from throat cancer in January.


During their first meeting, when he was 38 years old, Dion told Rocca, ‘I thought he looked very beautiful. He looked great. I felt confident that this man was not treating me as a “Oh, hi, little pumpkin” or “Hi, little sweetie” or like a little baby.’

His dedication to nurturing her career reportedly drove him to mortgage his home so he could provide funding for her 1981 debut album, La Voix du bon Dieu, Dailymail reports.

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