Mum With Fire Burns Whose Maternity Photos Went Viral Welcomes Baby Boy | Shares Her Birth Story

After being severely scarred as a result of fire burns, pretty mum, Andrea Grant, shared some lovely photos of herself boldly flaunting her huge baby bump last month to inspire others (read here).

She welcomed a cute baby boy, Jackson, few days ago and took to Instagram to share cute photos of the newborn with her birth story.


She wrote:

”????? when they tell you that you might be ready to push and you have not gotten your epidural …. I wanted my epidural from jump BUT being that I was induced I had to endure contractions from the induction medicine before I received the epidural to make sure I was in active labor ….while having consistent contractions 1 to 2 mins apart MY WATER BROKE …

After that I felt like I had to push so the nurse checked me and told me it MIGHT “here my mommy on the video saying MIGHT MIGHT ” might be ready to have him NOOOOOO MAM YOU BETTER GO GET MY EPIDURAL ??? my doctor came in I was only 5 cm but his head was showing and i would be jumping to 10 FAST anyway I was able to get my epidural ???”



A week ago, she shared this graphic photos of her recovery journey after the fire accident to give hope to people that ‘life is worth living with scars’.


”I am a advocate for burn survivors I help with the road to recovery and showing that scars do heal and Life is worth living with scars I post GRAPHIC photos of my road to recovery if you can’t stomach these photos please don’t follow my page •

photo 1: first day August 14 All the burnt skin was removed
photo 2 : skin graphs was applied
Photo 3: skin graphs as they started healing
photo 4: skin graphs healed
photo 5: Stomach today ❤️❤️”

Congratulations to the amazing woman!

Photo credit: Instagram

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“Mum With Fire Burns Whose Maternity Photos Went Viral Welcomes Baby Boy | Shares Her Birth Story”

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