Baby Colic: 10 Effective Ways to Soothe Your Baby

It’s normal for babies to have short bouts of crying episodes, however, being excessively irritable and frequently crying uncontrollably for long hours at a stretch for no traceable reason may signal your baby has colic, especially if he is younger than 5 months.

Usually, colic starts when baby is around 3 weeks old, lasts more than three hours at a stretch and may occur at least three days per week.

Having a colicky baby can be quite frustrating and stressful but it’s a phase that will eventually pass. While it lasts, you should take breaks away from your crying baby to calm yourself down as someone else watches him.

Meanwhile, here are useful tips you can try out to soothe your colicky baby…

1. Ensure baby’s environment is calm. A peaceful environment with very minimal or no noise may keep baby from being overstimulated and help him relax better. In addition, always dim the lights in baby’s room.

2. Probiotics. It’s believed that tummy troubles may contribute to infant colic and probiotics ease the discomfort. So, ask baby’s paediatrican to prescribe an appropriate probiotic drop.

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3. Apply pressure to baby’s tummy. Baby’s colic can be made worse by tummy gas as they swallow air while crying. You may place baby face down on your lap and gently rub or pat his back as you sing. See more tips on relieving baby’s tummy gas here.

4. Place warm water bottle on baby’s belly. Wrap a hot water bottle filled with warm water in a towel and place on baby’s belly as this offers some comfort.

5. A warm bath. This may help baby relax and stop crying. However, a bath may not be a good idea for babies who usually cry endlessly during baths.

6. Swaddle your baby. This will remind baby of the warmth and comfort of your womb and may help calm his uncontrollable cries and even make him drift off to sleep. See how to swaddle baby here.

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7. Make white noise. Baby may find the hum of the vacuum cleaner or dryer comforting as it reminds them of the womb. Playing soothing music may also help but you’ll need to try out different options to see what baby finds comforting.

8. Give baby a pacifier. Sucking this may offer you and baby some needed relief, even if you are not really a fan of pacifiers.

9. Put baby in a baby rocker or swing. Gentle motion may soothe baby. You may also back baby in the traditional fashion or wear him close to your chest, using a baby carrier as you slowly move  around.

10. A quick ride in the car. During a stressful situation such as this, the last thing you may want to do is jump in front of the wheel but if you’ve been indoors all day, the change in environment and movement will distract and soothe your colicky baby. So, buckle baby in his car seat and zoom off.

Taking baby for a walk as you wear him close to your chest in a baby carrier may also help. The change of environment and exercise will also soothe your frayed nerves and relief your stress.

Avoid giving your baby over the counter relief medications recommended by concerned friends or neighbours as they may not be safe for baby. It’s a good idea to talk to your baby’s paediatrician about his colic if you are worried to rule out any underlying cause such as food allergies or sensitivity (in this case you will need to review what you eat if you are breastfeeding or change his formula), infant acid reflux, urinary infection or intestinal problems.

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