‘He inspires me’ – Ali Baba’s Daughter, Brandi Akpobome, Tells The Type Of Dad He Is

Ace comedian, Ali Baba’s 18-year-old daughter, Brandi Akpobome, shared on her parent’s relationship, the kind of dad Ali Baba is, and more, in a chat with Punch. Read excerpts below.

On herself

I am the second of five children – three girls and two boys — of my dad, Ali Baba, and my mum. I am currently doing my A levels and will be going to the university next year.

I plan to study architecture engineering and design management.”

On her parent’s relationship

“My mum always tells me, ‘marry your best friend’,’ and that is exactly what they did. One just watches them sometimes and they never have a dull moment. They still have fire in them. When my dad and mum come back from work, one could see them all lovey-dovey. It’s literally still young love. They are still very much in love and spend much time together. They never run out of things to talk about, whether politics, economics, their respective work, they are so connected and support each other well.

My parents are really close and they are literally best friends… I see the things he and mum have done and achieved, and it makes me want to surpass what they have done. They’ve set the standard and raised the bar.”

On growing up

“I would say growing up was eventful. The house was always full and I loved it. There was always something exciting happening at home. One could just wake up in the house and find everyone arguing or discussing about something which is funny.

People think my dad is the funny one in the family, but that is really not always the case. Yes, he could be funny; everyone finds him much funnier than we do, but my mum is the funny one in the family. With us, dad is more like the intellectual man. The things he says to us are more intellectual than being funny or just joking around. He has some of the most incredible ideas; he is extremely spontaneous. But, I wouldn’t call him the ‘comedian’ in the family; I would say it is my mum.”

On her dad

“…I could just pick up the phone and call him up, knowing he is going to be at the other end. He is a devoted father and is one of the most pleasant and creative minds I know. He is always there every single time I’m stuck or have some sort of block; he is always there to give me that little push, that motivation. He inspires me.

He just turned 51 this year, and he probably thinks he is 25 or 26, but he is not. At times, when I greet him in English, or in our local dialect, he could reply with, “Whattagwan, daughter, what’s good, how’re you doing?” The kind of things you don’t expect to hear from a 51-year-old father. It’s funny.

He is not one to discipline someone just because he is in a bad mood, no. He is a reasonable person. If he is going to discipline you, he would explain it to you and give you reasons why what you did was wrong, and you are convinced about it.”

Back in the day, …he has a belt collection, probably close to a 100 belts. And the thickness of the belt depended on the severity of one’s punishment (laughs). Back then, sometimes one would be like, “Oh, I haven’t seen this particular belt lately!”

Dad taught us to be hard working, and the value of gratitude. He always reminds us of where he is coming from. He comes from a humble beginnings and he worked hard to get to where he is today.

I remember him telling me at a time when I was worried about work and what I wanted to be in the future, and he said to me, “I studied law, I have a law degree, but I am a comedian.” He was really saying to me, that “you don’t know where you are going to be tomorrow, so just make the most of it, do what you love, do what will make you happy, not what will appease everyone around you.”

On how her dad’s name has opened doors her

“I haven’t used it as much as I can just yet. But I will one day. Oh, I have serious plans for that name (laughs). But of course, he and my mum use to tell us that the name is really just to get one’s foot through the door, and the rest of the way is up to me. My dad has a lot of contacts. I’m trying to go into the design industry and I have mentors already that I have met in person, like Yomi Casual. He helps me out. Now, I wouldn’t have had this opportunity if not for my father. I’ve also met other designers like Mudi and Uche Nnaji through my father. This Christmas I am going to get some work experience in design. I wouldn’t have had this opportunity if not for my dad. I have met a lot of famous personalities through my dad. Most of the famous comedians are basically like my second fathers or uncles.

I’ve met Tuface and his wife. Patrick Doyle, P Square, Patoranking and so on. My dad sometimes hosts people in the house, and he introduces me to some of them.

Sometimes, at some shows where the tickets are sold out, someone I know – a famous person – could just come and take me in and put me on a table.”

On what her dad is most fulfilled about

“I’m going to say his family; he is quite a family-oriented man.”

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