#JusticeForIvie: Lagos State Government Upgrades Charges Against John Edobor Who Brutally Assaulted His Wife

Two months ago, we shared the sad story of a Nigerian mother of three, Ivie Edobor, who was brutally assaulted by her estranged husband, John Edobor, a Zenith Bank employee (read here), calling on the Justice Department and the Lagos State government to help the victim get the justice she deserves.

Edobor, who was married to Ivie for 9 years and separated from her two years ago, left her handicapped in June this year after he stormed her home, where lived with their three daughters, in company of some area boys and attacked her.


The Lagos state government has now upgraded the charges against John Edobor who attacked Ivie with a metal rod during the attack, leaving her leg severely damaged. 


According to the Twitter handle of the chairman of the National Human rights Commission, John is now to be charged for attempted murder against the initial charge of ‘Grievous Bodily Harm’.


Yesterday, November 10th, the victim, Ivie arrived the Magistrate Court, Surulere, where her estranged husband is facing trial. After the trial, she took to her Facebook to thank her friends, family and all who came to the court to show their support.


“Thank you all for you overwhelming support today at the court. So many people hadn’t met me before or seen the level of my injuries and incapacitation. I pray for full recovery and the ability to walk again. My DPA family came in their numbers too. God bless you all”
Ivie’s lawyer and activist, Emeka Ugwuonye says about the trial:
“First thing this morning, we were at the Magistrate Court, Surulere, to stand for Ivie Edobor. This is a case which means so much to DPA. It is a case where we need to take a clear stand to show that we oppose domestic violence in all its form.
Being a criminal trial, it was a case where I would play only a marginal role. But I wanted that marginal role to be definitive in impact. First move: I met with the Prosecutor to demand that the charge be amended to attempted murder, instead of assault, that is has been. Second, I demanded that steps be taken to stop the man from continuing to threaten Ivie. These two were accomplished. Charges will be amended and upgrade to attempted murder.
Next: my ultimate objective is to be allowed to take over the prosecution of the man. I want to conduct the prosecution so that I ensure he is convicted and sent to jail for life. We are working on that.
It was nice to see the brave Ivie Edobor in court today. She is strong in spirit, but obviously in serious pains from the injury the monster caused her. Initially when the case started, the man was laughing in the dock. But when he realized what was happening, that he was about to face serious charge of attempted murder, there was no smile on his face, but there was a big smile in my heart.
I was pleased to meet so many wonderful people – lawyers, other professionals and well-wishers, who came to court to show their solidarity.”

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